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Sweden Museum of Failure now in LA

Only after many defeats you can achieve victory. Everyone admires the best inventions, however, they forget how long is the pass on the road to success. So decided to museum curator — 43-year-old Samuel West. The Museum of Failures collected innovative epic fails. Most technological novelties fail, and the museum demonstrates them in order to show visitors fascinating experiments, on which the companies studied.

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Museum of the most famous failures

In the city of Helsingborg, in the south of Sweden, a museum of commercial failures has been opened. His exposition will include examples of the items of the world’s most famous manufacturers, which seemed very successful, but, for various reasons, brought only losses. Soon you can visit museum of failure in LA.

Heinz epic fail

Among the exhibits of the museum you can see:
• the smart glasses of Google Glass, which failed in sale. Although the company placed high hopes on them;
• Betamax video cassettes that appeared in the 70s of the 20th century, but completely lost the competition in the VHS format;
• ketchup Heinz in green packaging;
• the game Monopoly with a portrait of Donald Trump;
• “Handle for her” from BIC company. The product was advertised as a ballpoint pen, specifically for women. However, the women themselves did not appreciate the “sexist product”;
• did not succeed company Harley Davidson, releasing its own perfume in 1996.

Someone fails, because their goods shouldn’t have appeared at all, it was unnecessary from the very beginning. Others fails are at the design or marketing stage of the product. A reckoning can happen at any stage of the process. It is better to make cheap mistakes at an early stage than to commit them on a large scale. Then it can cost billions. — «warns Samuel West».

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