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Caution! Avalanche risk in the French Alps

All tourists, beginners and experienced travelers should be careful and extremely watchful during the winter holidays in the mountains. Tourists forget that insidious danger is waiting for them right there. It is the snow avalanche. All tourists should adhere to avalanche safety during holidays in the mountains to prevent accidents and deaths.

French Alps

Is skiing a rest, passion or risk to life? The safety issue at the ski resorts in the Alps is becoming increasingly important, especially after the occurrence of an avalanche that killed people. While the administration of the resorts does everything possible to reduce the degree of risk on the descents, tourists themselves often look for a thrill on the tracks that are not prepared for skiing.

The actual danger level on the Savoie area is estimated at 3. In general, snowpack is rather firm. As a result, unstable slabs can be found on steep slopes.

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At the present time, risk level and snow conditions vary day by day. Overall, the situation is stable, but some areas of instability are available. Avalanche bulletin provides detailed information about certain risks every day for each area.

There are a number of glide cracks that indicate the initial avalanche breaking. Of course, it looks scaring, but you should not be afraid, as skiers do not trigger it. This process is spontaneous and it is a small chance that you will be in the way of the avalanche. What is more, the majority of such cracks will never release. Nevertheless, you should know an escape route and be very careful.

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What to expect this week

Any considerable instability during this week can cause the avalanche in 24 hours after the blizzard. After such instability, the situation will be stable again.

We advise you to take into account the heat of the sun. In spring, the snowpack is rapidly transformed under the sun and such areas will become variable.

Be sure, you can spend an unforgettable holiday off piste, but you always should remember about safety measures.

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