Tropical Vacation: Where To Go This Year

Tropical islands for a perfect holiday Tropical resorts are a favorite place for unverifiable romantics. Each of these strange corners has its own history and unique traditions. There are still mysterious rituals alive, and pirate treasures are kept on the bottom of the oceans. Here the ancient villages are imbued with colonial spirit, and the […]

Sydney Hotels: Best of 2018

The best hotels in Sydney ‎ Shangri-La Hotel Sydney 5*‎ Shangri-La Hotel Sydney can be called one of the best hotels in Sydney. It is situated close to major attractions, beaches and shopping centers. The hotel offers magnificent views on the waterfront, the Harbor Bridge and the famous Sydney Opera House. This is one of […]

The Museum of Failure in Sweden and LA

Sweden Museum of Failure now in LA Only after many defeats you can achieve victory. Everyone admires the best inventions, however, they forget how long is the pass on the road to success. So decided to museum curator — 43-year-old Samuel West. The Museum of Failures collected innovative epic fails. Most technological novelties fail, and […]