Typical Backpacker Destinations

Backpackers live an enormous exciting life. An adventurous spirit yearning to be at different places, to meet new people, to learn about different cultures and way of living. Wanting not to be confined in a place and do routinary things every single day. There are mainly two types of backpackers. The first one is sort […]

Europe Backpacking Travel List

What does it mean to go backpacking in Europe? Backpacking is simply a form of low-cost and independent travel, which comprises transport by public means, cheap lodgings and interests in interacting with locals and sight-seeing. Backpacking in Europe encompasses the use of a backpack that can be carried with no much difficult for relatively long […]

Mountain Holidays: Stunning Locations across Europe

Mountain hiking holidays. The best trekking routes of Europe GR20 (France, Corsica). It is one of the most picturesque, interesting and complex trekking routes in Europe. You should move through the mountains of the island of Corsica, crossing ridges, gorges and granite rocks. Tourists are attracted not only by its complexity, but also by the […]

Backpacking Italy

Backpacking Italy. Budget holidays in a beautiful country How to save money during a trip to Italy? You should plan your trip in advance. As a rule, the biggest travel expense is tickets, so pay a special attention to it. Look for discounts, consider low-cost airlines. When scheduling a visit to interesting places in Italy, […]

Backpacking Thailand. Trekking in Thai jungles.

Backpacking Thailand.  Why choose Thailand? Tourists all over the world dream about visiting Thailand. The nature of Thailand is unimaginably unusual, bright and varied; it impresses the travelers and naturalists from all over the world. We want to warn those who want to book an ‘all inclusive’ travel package: such packages are expensive and far […]

Backpacking across Europe. The cheapest Europe cities for backpackers

Independent travel. Backpacking across Europe The main purpose of backpackers is the search for a reasonable and independent way to make a journey. Not only in various countries, but also in various cities backpackers can spend different amount of money. And the most attractive destinations will be the most expensive. Let’s take a closer look […]