Ecuador in one week: the ultimate guide

Tourism in Ecuador: perfect place for a great holiday Now, the tourist sphere in Ecuador is actively developing. Excellent conditions for active recreation are created here. There are interesting hiking trails on the territory of the most beautiful national reserves. Tourists are able to enjoy climbing volcanoes. Lovers of extreme entertainment will not be bored […]

5 perfect destinations in Italy for solo travel

Italy: a perfect place for solo travelers Italy inspires. This country with mild climate can enrich with priceless impressions everyone who visits it. The whole European civilization was born there. The main cultural heritage of mankind is concentrated there to these days. Despite its venerable age and historical baggage, Italy remains an easy, playful and […]

African American History Museum to offer ‘Walk Up Wednesdays’ in April

The National Museum of African American History and Culture: Great offer for entire April The National Museum of African American History and Culture is rather popular among tourists. Since its opening, more than 3.5 million guests have visited it. Until now, to be acquainted with the culture of these countries you should get timed entry […]

Turkey will open an underwater museum near Istanbul

Underwater museum in Yassiada, Turkey The Turkish authorities intend to open the Museum of Underwater Culture on the island of Yassiada, which is a part of the archipelago of the Princes’ Islands in the Sea of Marmara. It is noted that there are about 25 wrecks in the waters of the island, including ancient ships […]

Heritage tourism

What is heritage tourism? Heritage tourism is determined by the interest of tourists to history and universal human cultural values. Such interest is quite strongly connected with the educational and cultural level of a tourist. A number of regions are rich in such unique historical artifacts as ancient cities, manor houses, palace and park ensembles, […]

Top 3 lesser-known cultural tourism destinations in Europe

Top 3 unique cultural tourism destinations to visit in 2018: amazing Europe Cultural tourism is usually associated with the most famous cities and destinations in France, Germany, Italy, and so on. This article is aimed to break this stereotype and add some new non-trivial cultural attractions to bucket lists of our readers. Here are the […]

Culture trip features

What is culture trip? Culture trip is one of the most popular types of tourism. Those, who are interested in culture, sights and history of various regions, make it even more popular. During excursions a person receives more accurate and detailed information about things he/she is interested. Nowadays, people travel more and more, trying to […]

Top 3 art galleries of the world

Art and travel. Traveling to another country is a real adventure, an event that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. In addition to fantastic landscapes and architectural monuments, most tourists dream of visiting famous museums and galleries in order to see masterpieces of talented artists. Let’s consider the best places to combine art […]