The 10 Best Airports in the World for 2018

The best airport is already chosen Consulting company Skytrax, specializing in the learning of the quality of services in airports, has published a list of the finest airports for 2018. The list was compiled on the basis of a survey of air passengers from 100 countries that rated the airports on 39 criteria: from cleanliness […]

Is the British passport now the world’s most expensive?

British passport: how much does it cost and what opportunities does it provide? The most ‘powerful’ passports Great Britain took the first place in the ranking of countries that provide their citizens with wide opportunities for traveling around the world. According to the research, owners of a British passport can visit 173 countries without obtaining […]

Must see in Europe. Extraordinary sightseeing ideas for your vacation.

Must see in Europe. Unusual tourist destinations in Europe Every European city has its architectural landmark, that became a fixture by being seen too often on magnets, postcards, pictures and other souvenirs for travelers. In this review to your attention we present the must see places in Europe that are not so popular as Big […]

Adventure holidays in the UK

Adventure holidays in the UK: popular activities to try Active recreation is gaining more and more admiration among ordinary tourists. Diving is especially popular. Rich underwater world, developed diving industry and the possibility of year-round diving make this kind of activity extremely popular in the UK. BSAC is the most numerous and advanced diving club […]

Top 3 art galleries of the world

Art and travel. Traveling to another country is a real adventure, an event that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. In addition to fantastic landscapes and architectural monuments, most tourists dream of visiting famous museums and galleries in order to see masterpieces of talented artists. Let’s consider the best places to combine art […]