Top 3 lesser-known cultural tourism destinations in Europe

Top 3 unique cultural tourism destinations to visit in 2018: amazing Europe Cultural tourism is usually associated with the most famous cities and destinations in France, Germany, Italy, and so on. This article is aimed to break this stereotype and add some new non-trivial cultural attractions to bucket lists of our readers. Here are the […]

Backpacking across Europe. The cheapest Europe cities for backpackers

Independent travel. Backpacking across Europe The main purpose of backpackers is the search for a reasonable and independent way to make a journey. Not only in various countries, but also in various cities backpackers can spend different amount of money. And the most attractive destinations will be the most expensive. Let’s take a closer look […]

3 best European cities to visit

Top 3 best European cities to visit on vacation Medieval cathedrals and futuristic skyscrapers, ancient castles and hipster suburbs, famous art galleries and free Bohemian districts, breathtaking pristine landscapes and high-tech cities, cozy narrow streets and magnificent squares… Europe is multi-faceted and rich in attractions. Every traveler can find something to his liking. We made […]