Best Destinations For Your Perfect Summer

Summer travel. What will be your perfect summer? A gentle sea, warm sun and white sand – this is the basic set of pleasures for a good beach holiday in the summer! Where to travel this summer? We have made for you the top ten best destinations where you can spend the most unforgettable holidays! […]

Best places for diving all over the world

What places for diving do you know? Top 7 best places for diving all over the world 1.Lake Baikal, RussiaLake Baikal is an object of adoration for many travelers. This unique pond has a record depth of 1642 meters. It is interesting to see the lake and its flora and fauna. Diving in Lake Baikal […]

Cheapest countries to travel: from Europe to Asia

Cheapest countries to travel: unforgettable experience on a budget It is not necessary to spend huge sums of money on a trip of your dreams. Remember, the most fabulous corners of our planet often turn out to be quite cheap to travel to. Top 8 countries for budget holidays Hungary. Budapest, the historical Hungarian capital […]

Backpacking Thailand. Trekking in Thai jungles.

Backpacking Thailand.  Why choose Thailand? Tourists all over the world dream about visiting Thailand. The nature of Thailand is unimaginably unusual, bright and varied; it impresses the travelers and naturalists from all over the world. We want to warn those who want to book an ‘all inclusive’ travel package: such packages are expensive and far […]

Honeymoon Destinations in November. Where to go?

Where to go on honeymoon in November? You can find interesting offers and options for a honeymoon in any month, including November. A lot of people consider Thailand to be the best option. There are various romantic trips and excursions for the newlyweds. In the evening you can ride a boat restaurant and taste various […]