Tanzania Eco Travel

Tanzania as a popular travel destination Tanzania is the mother of the beauty in Zanzibar. This should be is your next big stop as you delve into your African Safari dream. It’s sunny and warm environment welcomes you on the beautiful beaches. This harmonious multicultural and multilingual country has the best local insights into the […]

Top 5 tourist destinations in Africa

Top 5 tourist destinations in Africa. Why do tourists choose Africa? It seems that there are practically no unexplored places on Earth. However, Africa is a mysterious and still not fully investigated continent. Here you can always make a discovery. For this reason, Africa attracts and frightens travelers at the same time. The history, culture […]

Top 4 places for travel adventure holidays in March

Travel adventure holidays in March that you will not forget. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania If you are searching for adventures, a choice to go to Africa is a no-brainer. One of the most iconic places that are in bucket lists of many travelers is Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It is Africa’s highest mountain with Uhuru Peak 19,340ft […]

Tanzania, one of the best destinations for ecotourism around the world

Ecotourism in Tanzania. Tanzania is the most interesting African country, at least for an eco-tourist. After all, there are so many reserves, beautiful places and natural attractions. A quarter of the country’s territory is protected. In total, there are 12 national parks, 16 state reservations, Ngorongoro conservation area, two marine parks and several reserves. There […]