The top trending travel destination for 2018

The most trendy travel destinations: planning a vacation in 2018 Learning the main trends of 2018, we have taken into consideration a variety of factors, but the main questions was the following: which places are experiencing the period of the most active transformation? Which places are becoming hot tourist spots? This selection of trendy destinations […]

Where to go on holiday in 2018 – the hotlist

Where to go on holiday in 2018: beach rest and cultural tourism Seaside holidays Bulgaria. Bulgaria can boast pure golden sand, the widest beaches and a gradual deepening of the sea, which is great for relaxing with kids. It is worth mentioning the pleasant prices, if you buy a ticket in advance. Tourists, who want […]

Top 5 cool places to visit in Europe

For those who are tired of popular tourist destinations: Top 5 unusual places to visit in Europe Akureyri, Iceland Five years ago, the flow of tourists to Iceland was more than moderate. However, two spectacular volcanic eruptions, the collapse of national currency and the shooting of five seasons of the cult “Game of Thrones” confidently […]

Places in Europe to visit in summer: 5 bizarre European sights

Top 5 unique places in Europe to visit in summer. In this review you will read about unique European sightseeing objects and places. Maybe you have never heard about them before. Special offers for connoisseurs of architecture #1 We offer you a place, where you can see all the attractions of Portugal in just one […]

Top best cheap and safe places to travel: a handy guide for travellers

Top 7 Cheap and Safe Places to Travel Having a limited budget is no longer the reason to postpone your journey. If you love travelling, but think that it is hardly affordable, we recommend taking a look at our list of cheap and safe places to travel. Here are 10 awesome countries that are definitely […]

Flores Island – the place with exotic nature and friendly beauty

A warmer version of Ireland? If you have ever been to Ireland or Switzerland, you probably know that the nature there is amazing, but often the weather is not very friendly for long-walks along marvelous sceneries. Interesting fact, there is a place which is often described as the warmer version of these two countries – […]