Cheap South American destinations

Cheap South American destinations: top 5 popular countries to visit One of the reasons why South America attracts so many tourists is the budget matter. Cost of a room and food will really exceed your expectations. Another reason is less demand. It is rather difficult to find any travel agency, bus or walking tours, in […]

Honeymoon destinations for adventurous couples

Adventurous honeymoon destinations for thrill-seeking couples Honeymoon takes a significant place for the newlyweds. Everyone wants this holiday to be unforgettable, so they carefully mull over it. Where to go to make a journey a truly unique romantic adventure? Here are the best variants.             Top 11 honeymoon destinations and what to do there Skydiving […]

Best places to visit in Western US: from urban culture to wild nature

Best places to visit in Western US: choosing the route. Many tourists dream about a journey along the west coast of the United States. The list of attractions there seems to be endless. A month would not be enough to visit them all. The west coast of the USA stretches from Alaska up to California. […]

Amazing honeymoon ideas. 7 most unusual directions to travel with your soulmate

Amazing honeymoon ideas. Be off the wall! Express yourself. In this article, we collected some fresh travel options for newly married couples, for both well-traveled ones and those for whom such destinations like Paris, Venice or Bahamas seem too trivial. When all wedding cares are left behind, when wedding party was a great success, there […]

Top 4 countries in South America

Best Countries to Visit in South America. Perú Peru is full of wonders; from historical monuments to natural sites, which attract millions of tourists coming from distant corners of the world. The majority of travelers are interested in visiting Machu Picchu, the well-known center of the ancient Inca civilization. One more popular destination is the […]

Top 10 attractions in South America

10 best places to visit in South America. The South American continent is rich in unique natural monuments. It is difficult to pick out 10 best places to visit in South America because there are much more outstanding sights. Many of them preserve their pristine nature under the protection of UNESCO. Andes South America is […]