Culture and Traditions of Paraguay

Paraguay is a country that has a unique culture of its own. In fact, the culture that you can find in Paraguay can be considered as a combination of Guarani and European cultures. That’s mainly due to the Spanish settlers who came and started their lives with Guarani females. Facts About Paraguay You Should Never […]

10 Interesting Facts About Paraguay

Facts You Need to Know About Paraguay Before Going There 1. Some homes in Paraguay don’t have doors or windows Paraguay has an extremely hot climate. As a result, people are looking for effective methods to cool down their homes and beat the heat. That’s where they think about constructing homes without any doors or […]

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Paraguay

Getting to Paraguay The economy of a country is largely determined with its access to essential utilities like water, the ability to trade with other countries, security, and infrastructure. These are pertinent issues that affect landlocked countries like Paraguay. Despite these setbacks, Paraguay has fought to stand out as an incredible tourist attraction site. This […]

Top 10 attractions in South America

10 best places to visit in South America. The South American continent is rich in unique natural monuments. It is difficult to pick out 10 best places to visit in South America because there are much more outstanding sights. Many of them preserve their pristine nature under the protection of UNESCO. Andes South America is […]