Turkmenistan Travel Advice. Simple safety tips for a tourist

Turkmenistan Travel Advice. One of the most unusual and beautiful countries in Central Asia Ashgabat city, the capital of Turkmenistan, will capture your heart starting from the first moment of being there. The name ‘Ashgabat’ is translated from Persian as ‘Love City’. Tips to make your trip safe and comfortable To make your trip to […]

Places to visit in Kazakhstan. The beauty of pristine landscapes

Places to visit in Kazakhstan. Escape from the world you are tired of Kazakhstan is glorious by many natural wonders, and each of them is unique. There are lots of picturesque places here. The biological diversity here is also impressive. Every experienced tourist dreams of visiting Kazakhstan. In this article we made an attempt to […]

Cultural and historic sites of Uzbekistan

Best places to visit in Uzbekistan: Amazing trip ideas. The current territory of Uzbekistan is home to spectacular cultural and historical treasures that attract lots of tourists from all over the world. Cultural attractions Throughout centuries Uzbekistan served as the cultural capital of the entire Medieval East region. For that reason, this country has a […]