Top Tourist Attractions in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay is among the top-rated tourist attractions in Jamaica. Since it is a popular cruise ship port, a large number of tourists tend to visit here throughout the entire year. The historic plantations, sun-soaked beaches, lush countryside, and tropical gardens offer something for everyone. If you are looking for attractions in Jamaica, you shouldn’t […]

The most beautiful Caribbean islands: top 10

Vacation of your dreams. The most beautiful Caribbean islands The Caribbean islands are an inexhaustible source of beauty, secluded corners and adventures. Transparent turquoise water, white sand and rustle of palm trees provide tourists with a perfect holiday. The Caribbean Sea is the place where you can make your dreams come true. Caribbean Islands you […]

Caribbean Islands vacation: recommendations for tourists

Caribbean Islands tourist recommendations The Caribbean region includes about 30 countries and several hundred islands. Each of them has its own character, culture, history and a special way of life. You, surely, have heard about Haiti, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. Probably they are the most famous Caribbean resorts. But among the islands, […]

Caribbean Countries

Caribbean spaces: how many countries are there in the Caribbean? Caribbean countries are island states between North and South America, washed by the Caribbean Sea. They include the Greater and Lesser Antilles. Its total area is almost 245,000 km². West Indies is the second official name of this land. It is due to the fact […]

Top best Caribbean islands beaches for perfect vacation

Welcome to Paradise: Best Caribbean Islands Beaches. Are you are dreaming of a perfect beach, a room with an ocean view and relaxing atmosphere? Tired of overcrowded resorts and low-quality service? Below you can find top best Caribbean islands beaches; all of them are real paradise for the most demanding travellers. Palm Beach (Aruba). Palm […]