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A famous town on the Italian Riviera

Portofino is a beautiful and picturesque small fishing village on the Italian Riviera. This city is dazzlingly beautiful. Starting from the 19th century Portofino is recognized as a resort for the rich and famous people. If you want to go on a trip for rest and relaxation, then calm Portofino is just for you. Find out all about this fabulous city in our Portofino travel guide.

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Time to go to Portofino and prices for housing

Housing and cost. Let Portofino is a small town, but not cheap at all, and the fact is that the local azure shores and clean water, marked by a blue flag, fell in love with celebrities around the world. Here come the stars of Hollywood and famous world designers. So the prices are quite high.

And so, the main costs include payment for the hotel, food, transport, and well, without them, souvenirs and excursions. The hotel can be found for 4,000 euros for 5 nights for two, or you can choose a slightly simpler option, for example 3 stars for 700 euros for 5 nights.

Best time to visit Portofino. The small cozy town of Portofino is located on the Ligurian coast of the Italian Riviera. The immediate proximity of the sea determines the Mediterranean mild climate. Even in winter it does not happen very cold, the temperature does not drop to 0 ° C, even in January. In summer there is quite hot, in July and August the temperature can rise above 30 ° C, but here it does not happen stuffy due to the constant air circulation and the sea breeze; nevertheless, because the city is located near the sea, the air here is quite humid . Thanks to such a successful location, at any time of the year tourists are struck by the riot of colors and flowers of nature.

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Attractions you need to see

Piazzetta di Portofino. The main square of Portofino is Piazzetta di Portofino. Vehicles here are forbidden to travel, thanks to which the roar of cars does not disturb the hearing of citizens.

It must be visited when traveling to Portofino. On the square there are shops, fish restaurants, hotels. To the right of Piazzetta is a park-museum with various sculptures. Another plus of the square is that one of its edges has a descent to the sea, where luxury yachts and ships are moored.

On the square, parties often take place, in which Italian and world stars participate. They say that some celebrities meet here on a weekday, which, however, raises doubts: every day thousands of tourists visit the city, and the powerful of this world tend to avoid them.

Piazzetta di Portofino view

Castle Brown. It’s a Portofino travel must-see. Castello Brown is located on Via alla Penisola. Now there is a museum in which you can see antiques, paintings, sculptures, antique furniture. Interest are photographs of famous people visiting the castle. Among them – Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier with children, Prince Philip, Audrey Hepburn. Near Castello Brown a Mediterranean garden is broken, where there are many trees, flowers, bushes. You can walk along the shady avenue, relax in the gazebo. From the terraces and windows of the palace offers a magnificent view of the city, the bay, the neighboring villas.

Castle Brown in Portofino

Pier Molo Umberto I. The quay in Portofino is called Molo Umberto I (Molo Umberto I). Here, expensive yachts moor. Nearby is the yacht club, which annually organizes a sailing regatta, since 2015 known as Coppa Carlo Negri Regata Primavera. The first race took place in 1945 on the initiative of Beppe Croce, president of the International Sailing Federation. This event is worth to visit in Portofino.

Church of St. George. The Church of Saint George (chiesa di San Giorgio) is located on Via alla Penisola, 13, on the way to the Castle of Brown, ten minutes walk up the promenade from Piazzetta.
The square in front of the temple is lined with a black and white pattern with the help of pebbles. Near the basilica are arranged two observation platforms. With one view of the sea, on the other – on the bay. For the convenience of visitors there are benches where you can sit down and rest. Near the temple there is an ancient local cemetery.

Regional nature park. Parco naturale regionale di Portofino covers an area of 18 km2. The first steps to protect the park were taken in the 30’s. last century. But no one gave it money. In 1978 the park went under the protection of the region of Lehuria, which led to the creation of a regional park.

Almost all of its territory is occupied by mountains, on the slopes of which Mediterranean trees grow. There are many tourist paths (the total length is 80 km). They lead to different viewing platforms, from where incredible panoramas open. One of these tracks leads to the abbey of San Frutuozo.

Regional nature park in Portofino

Christ from the abyss. The bronze sculpture of Jesus, whose whole face rises upwards, to the heavens, appeared in the coastal waters in August 1954. Its authors were called Christ from the abyss (Il Cristo degli Abissi) and dedicated to Dario Gonzatti. It was the first Italian diver who died near the bay in 1947.

The height of the statue is 2.5 m, and it is located in the bay of San Frutuoso (San Fruttuoso), near the abbey, at a depth of 17 m. Despite the great depth to see it, it is not necessary to dive with the aqualung into the sea. There is so pure and transparent water that, in the presence of clear weather, the sculpture can be clearly seen from an ordinary boat.

Christ from the abyss in Portofino

Cuisine in Portofino

The cuisine of this zone is based mainly on “light” Mediterranean dishes. Ligurian cuisine uses very simple products: pine nuts, mushrooms, walnuts and a large number of fragrant herbs, which, individually, can’t attract anything, but combined together turn into superb and delicious dishes.

When you travel to Portofino, you should definitely try the sauce Pesto, as well as “salsa verde” (ideal for meat). From meat dishes “Tomasello” – veal rolls stuffed with meat, eggs and aromatic herbs. Fish takes pride of place in the kitchen of Portofino. Anchovies, in any form: fresh, stuffed or canned. Mixed fried fish, seafood salad, dried cod in marinade with raisins and pine nuts.

From the wines of this region it is worth try excellent white wine “Cinque Terre DOC”, dry, with a light mild taste is ideal for dishes from Pisces. Also excellent wine “Sciacchetrà” with a strong enough aroma.

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