The Best Hostels in Paris

Staying in a Hostel. Cheap and Trendy Paris is the European capital that boasts a really large number of inexpensive hostels designed primarily for students and young people. But unfortunately, not all of these hostels in addition to their attractive prices can offer friendly and attentive service and clean comfortable rooms. So, if you are […]

TOP 10 the most terrifying tourist attractions in the world

Thrill-Seekers Paradise: TOP 10 the most terrifying tourist attractions in the world Extreme activities always tickle your nerves. Some people like to be on the verge of danger. For many of us, extreme rest is something that is so lacking in life. The following places are not suitable for everyone. If you are not afraid, […]

Avalanche reports: what is the risk in the Alps this week?

Caution! Avalanche risk in the French Alps All tourists, beginners and experienced travelers should be careful and extremely watchful during the winter holidays in the mountains. Tourists forget that insidious danger is waiting for them right there. It is the snow avalanche. All tourists should adhere to avalanche safety during holidays in the mountains to […]

Red, pink and yellow: Why the Eiffel Tower may change colour for the 20th time?

Eiffel Tower may change its colour City authorities are planning to repaint the Eiffel Tower to hide rust. Nowadays, ‘Iron Lady’ is covered with a layer of “brown Eiffel” colour. This colour is patented and is close to the natural shade of bronze. However, Gustave Eiffel, who designed the tower, initially considered that it was […]