Planning a Trip to Cuba

The relations between United States and Cuba were once very poor but are now seeing significant growth. So bad were they that an American credit card could not work in Cuba. Nevertheless, the Obama regime eased movement between the two countries over recent times but not to the point of being comfortable. There are easier […]

The cheapest Caribbean destinations. Where to go in 2018?

The cheapest Caribbean destinations: Dominican Republic and Cuba The Dominican Republic and Cuba are considered the cheapest Caribbean destinations. Let’s take a closer look at these countries and options for holidays in them. Dominican Republic A fertile land stretching to the east of the island of Haiti, surrounded by waves of the Caribbean Sea. The […]

Family holidays in May: where to go?

Family holidays in May. The best options for a perfect vacation We offer interesting ideas to provide adults as well as their children with enjoyable vacation. A good preparation is the key to success. It is necessary to take into account that children are usually not very interested in getting acquainted with historical or cultural […]

Caribbean Countries

Caribbean spaces: how many countries are there in the Caribbean? Caribbean countries are island states between North and South America, washed by the Caribbean Sea. They include the Greater and Lesser Antilles. Its total area is almost 245,000 km². West Indies is the second official name of this land. It is due to the fact […]

Top 13 most impressive beaches

The most beautiful beaches in the world. There are thousands of unbelievably amazing beaches around the world and it is almost impossible to single out the best. After all, all of us have different preferences: sand or pebbles, noisy or quiet beaches. Nevertheless, we have chosen 13 beaches that impressed us the most. Hidden beach […]

Top best Caribbean islands beaches for perfect vacation

Welcome to Paradise: Best Caribbean Islands Beaches. Are you are dreaming of a perfect beach, a room with an ocean view and relaxing atmosphere? Tired of overcrowded resorts and low-quality service? Below you can find top best Caribbean islands beaches; all of them are real paradise for the most demanding travellers. Palm Beach (Aruba). Palm […]