Calala island — Nicaragua’s secret place in Caribbean Coast.

Calala island — Nicaragua’s secret place in Caribbean Coast The Caribbean Coast is a magnificent place that strikes with its beauty. Of course, many tourists come here. But there is still a place where few people spend holidays — Calala island. This is a luxury trip to the homeland of Caribbean pirates. One of the […]

Costa Rica Adventures. 5 terrific places to visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Adventures: Paradise for ecotourists Costa Rica is not the biggest country in the world, but it is considered one of the largest resorts that managed to preserve pristine natural environment. That is the reason why travelers, who prefer ecotourism choose this destination for their environmentally-friendly holidays. In this review, you will learn about […]

Top 3 best places to visit in Central America

Top 3 best unique places to visit in Central America to have an unforgettable trip Central America can be called a ‘bridge’ between North American and South American continents. From political point of view this region comprises 7 independent states: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and El Salvador. For the average man these […]

Honeymoon destinations for adventurous couples

Adventurous honeymoon destinations for thrill-seeking couples Honeymoon takes a significant place for the newlyweds. Everyone wants this holiday to be unforgettable, so they carefully mull over it. Where to go to make a journey a truly unique romantic adventure? Here are the best variants.             Top 11 honeymoon destinations and what to do there Skydiving […]

Top tourist destinations in Central America: 6 amazing places to see

Top tourist destinations in Central America: places that will blow your mind. We have gathered the best sightseeing places in Central America in one review! Central America is an agglomeration of small States, located between Mexico and countries of Latin America. Wildlife attractions of this area include volcanoes and mountains, and even underwater sights. Central […]

Discovering ecotourism in Panama

Ecotourism in Panama. The word “Panama” originates from the time, when the country was connected with Colombia, and means “place of many fish”. More than 29% of the land in Panama is reserved for national parks, forests, wildlife sanctuaries. The Cordillera mountain range in Cerro Azul, rainforest areas of Volcán Barú and the Pipeline Road […]

Central America: where to go and what to visit?

Where to go in Central America? Recently, Central America has been increasingly attracting tourists. It is no wonder, because there is untouched tropical nature, beautiful beaches on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, coral reefs and monuments of the ancient Maya civilization. Central America offers to visit ancient cities, spectacular landscapes and amazing natural wonders. Therefore, […]

Top 6 best places to go in Central America

Top 6 Best Places to Go in Central America. Central America is a real treasure for any traveller. Golden beaches, rich wildlife, mixture of various cultures and even active volcanoes are all present in smallest countries of the region. Which country offers the most picturesque scenes? Where can you gain the best experience and find […]