Ecotourism in Botswana: a paradise for speleologists and safari-lovers

Ecotourism in Botswana: Gcwihaba caves & Senyati safari camp Ecotourism is a new trend in traveling and recreation that has no borders. Ecotourism presupposes travelling to places with pristine nature and to reserved areas. Gcwihaba caves Gcwihaba caves are one of nature wonders in Botswana. They formed here in spite of the fact that caves […]

7 best destinations for East Africa travel

7 Best Destinations for East Africa Travel. Africa is an amazing continent, where landscape, topography and wildlife vary greatly. Being exceptionally unique and picturesque, East Africa remains to be one of the most popular places to visit worldwide. If you still hesitate, which African country to take in, below you can find a list of […]