Revealed: 2018’s best and worst cities to live in

Winners and Outsiders revealed: 2018’s best and worst cities to live in Mercer’s 20th annual Quality of Living survey has recently posted its recent results! This year, the total number of 231 biggest world capitals and metropolises took part in the special survey, where cities were examined in a range of categories. The healthcare system, […]

Heritage tourism

What is heritage tourism? Heritage tourism is determined by the interest of tourists to history and universal human cultural values. Such interest is quite strongly connected with the educational and cultural level of a tourist. A number of regions are rich in such unique historical artifacts as ancient cities, manor houses, palace and park ensembles, […]

Places in Europe to visit in summer: 5 bizarre European sights

Top 5 unique places in Europe to visit in summer. In this review you will read about unique European sightseeing objects and places. Maybe you have never heard about them before. Special offers for connoisseurs of architecture #1 We offer you a place, where you can see all the attractions of Portugal in just one […]

Top 6 countries for family adventure vacations

Family adventure vacations For some people, the best vacation activity is lying on beach with a glass of beer and ice cream in hands. However, there are many travelers, who prefer extreme and new impressions. Fortunately, there are always a sufficient number of offers for both categories. From this article you will find out the […]

Best touristic directions for beginning backpacking fans

Best backpacking trips for beginners. In our age of the Internet, technology and accessible information, the opportunity to organize a trip to any point of the globe does not seem fantastic. A lot of people have discovered limitless opportunities of independent travel and will never exchange them for tours from agencies. In this article we […]