What to expect on an African overland trip

African overland trip: Discovering the beauty of Africa Overland tours in Africa mean an incredible pristine nature and a magnificent animal kingdom, boundless savannah, mountains and moist tropical forests. Here live unique tribes that have preserved their culture and customs to the present day. There are incredible animals, proud predators and amazing birds, which can […]

Why you should ignore the headlines and visit Egypt now

The Situation in Egypt: Is it safe to travel to Egypt? Many tourists are now wondering whether holiday in Egypt is dangerous. They are afraid of visiting this country, because it is considered a no-go destination. In addition, the authorities of Egypt are going to prolong the state of emergency for three months. It is […]

Family adventure holidays: a great time with your children

Family adventure holidays: have an unforgettable experience with your darlings Extreme vacation such as rafting, trekking in the woods or even climbing the mountain is a wonderful pastime not only for adults but also for a younger generation. We will tell you how to make a vacation not only wonderful, but also safe. Vacation is […]

Family holidays in May: where to go?

Family holidays in May. The best options for a perfect vacation We offer interesting ideas to provide adults as well as their children with enjoyable vacation. A good preparation is the key to success. It is necessary to take into account that children are usually not very interested in getting acquainted with historical or cultural […]

Ecotourism in Botswana: a paradise for speleologists and safari-lovers

Ecotourism in Botswana: Gcwihaba caves & Senyati safari camp Ecotourism is a new trend in traveling and recreation that has no borders. Ecotourism presupposes travelling to places with pristine nature and to reserved areas. Gcwihaba caves Gcwihaba caves are one of nature wonders in Botswana. They formed here in spite of the fact that caves […]