Cyprus Travel Guide

Cyprus Travel. The best of Cyprus Tourism Cyprus has always attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world with its crystal clear seas, hot sun, historical monuments and good service. Hotels in Cyprus are divided into several categories: hotels with stars, hotels in national style, hotels without stars and guest houses. In addition, you […]

Tel Aviv Travel Guide

Tel Aviv: everything you need to know about the city A trip to Tel Aviv — like a ticket to another Israel, completely opposite to Jerusalem. Here you will not find winding and narrow streets and ancient buildings, the charm of the eastern bazaars and the brightness of traditional quarters. Tel Aviv is a city […]

Singapore: Travel Tips And Attractions

How to do your Singapore adventure amazing Singapore is a small city-country located slightly south of Thailand. In Singapore, modern architecture is harmoniously combined with exotic parks and ancient traditions of Asian peoples. It can be called a metropolis, in which there is almost everything. People come here to take a walk through the ancient […]

Norway Travel Guide: Tips and Attractions

Useful information about Norway Norway is the most visited Scandinavian state by tourists. And it’s not surprising. It strikes with a variety of nature: from snow-capped mountain peaks to apple orchards. A country that has absorbed traditions, like the barbarian tribes of the Vikings, and the best European royal courts. This is the northernmost country […]