Planning a Trip to Cuba

The relations between United States and Cuba were once very poor but are now seeing significant growth. So bad were they that an American credit card could not work in Cuba. Nevertheless, the Obama regime eased movement between the two countries over recent times but not to the point of being comfortable. There are easier […]

Europe Backpacking Travel List

What does it mean to go backpacking in Europe? Backpacking is simply a form of low-cost and independent travel, which comprises transport by public means, cheap lodgings and interests in interacting with locals and sight-seeing. Backpacking in Europe encompasses the use of a backpack that can be carried with no much difficult for relatively long […]

Chile, Santiago: Travel Information

Santiago as a travel destination Santiago is Chile’s capital city and it is located in a valley that is entirely surrounded by the snow-caped Andes and Chilean Coast Range mountains. Chile covers a long narrow stretch along South America’s western edge. Being also the largest city, Santiago is home to numerous attractions including neoclassical landmarks […]

Top Ski Resort in Europe

Ski Holidays in Europe When looking for the best skiing destinations, most would like those which can support their experienced skiing or a family winter holiday experience. Sometimes both. The best ski resorts in Europe can accommodate both even enough to exceed your expectations. We decided to come up with a list that will make […]