Mountain Holidays: Stunning Locations across Europe

Mountain hiking holidays. The best trekking routes of Europe GR20 (France, Corsica). It is one of the most picturesque, interesting and complex trekking routes in Europe. You should move through the mountains of the island of Corsica, crossing ridges, gorges and granite rocks. Tourists are attracted not only by its complexity, but also by the […]

Jamaica: Traditional Food and Drinks

Jamaican food: interesting facts The cuisine of Jamaica is a special part of the Jamaican food culture, which undoubtedly will be appreciated by food lovers. National Jamaican cuisine has a lot of culinary traditions of other countries: Spain, England, India and China. African cuisine also has a strong influence on it. Essential ingredients: vegetables (manioc, […]

Visiting The Philippines: Everything You Need to Know

What a traveler should know about Philippines Philippines is a unique island country in its beauty and culture. And yet, despite the fact that the Philippines has long been considered a true paradise for tourists, the islands are famous for the fact that there remained a unique, pristine natural beauty, that you can enjoy an […]