Top 13 most impressive beaches

The most beautiful beaches in the world. There are thousands of unbelievably amazing beaches around the world and it is almost impossible to single out the best. After all, all of us have different preferences: sand or pebbles, noisy or quiet beaches. Nevertheless, we have chosen 13 beaches that impressed us the most. Hidden beach […]

Interesting facts about backpacking

What is backpacking? Nowadays, more and more people travel all over the world to tempt fate and challenge themselves. Who are these people with backpacks? Where do they go? Backpacking is an independent journey made by a tourist for little money. Travelers, who freely travel around the world without baggage, are usually called backpackers. Basically, […]

Top 6 best places to go in Central America

Top 6 Best Places to Go in Central America. Central America is a real treasure for any traveller. Golden beaches, rich wildlife, mixture of various cultures and even active volcanoes are all present in smallest countries of the region. Which country offers the most picturesque scenes? Where can you gain the best experience and find […]

Top best Caribbean islands beaches for perfect vacation

Welcome to Paradise: Best Caribbean Islands Beaches. Are you are dreaming of a perfect beach, a room with an ocean view and relaxing atmosphere? Tired of overcrowded resorts and low-quality service? Below you can find top best Caribbean islands beaches; all of them are real paradise for the most demanding travellers. Palm Beach (Aruba). Palm […]

Best Asian cities to visit: a handy list to plan your journey

Top Best Asian Cities to Visit for the Brightest Vacation. Asia remains to be one of the hottest traveller spots worldwide. From ancient monuments to modern megapolises, Asian countries vary greatly. Outdoor enthusiasts, night life addicts, history lovers and adventurers will all enjoy Asia. Find out a list of top best Asian cities to visit […]

7 best destinations for East Africa travel

7 Best Destinations for East Africa Travel. Africa is an amazing continent, where landscape, topography and wildlife vary greatly. Being exceptionally unique and picturesque, East Africa remains to be one of the most popular places to visit worldwide. If you still hesitate, which African country to take in, below you can find a list of […]

Top 3 art galleries of the world

Art and travel. Traveling to another country is a real adventure, an event that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. In addition to fantastic landscapes and architectural monuments, most tourists dream of visiting famous museums and galleries in order to see masterpieces of talented artists. Let’s consider the best places to combine art […]

Top 6 countries for family adventure vacations

Family adventure vacations For some people, the best vacation activity is lying on beach with a glass of beer and ice cream in hands. However, there are many travelers, who prefer extreme and new impressions. Fortunately, there are always a sufficient number of offers for both categories. From this article you will find out the […]