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Cappadocia, Turkey: Magical Place on Earth

Cappadocia has a very long story of leadership. It came into recognition during the leadership of King Darius 1 and Xerxes. Ever since then, there have been fights and division until today’s Cappadocia was found. It is a major tourist attraction in turkey with a lot of activities to do. You will know that you […]

Travel Guide to Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland: Facts Here are some Blue Lagoon Iceland facts, which you should know before visiting the destination. Then you will be able to learn what you can experience during the time you spend. In addition to that, these facts will be able to provide overall assistance to you with planning your vacation as […]

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Atlantic Ocean Road is located in the Midwest part of the coastline of Norway. It is one of the most beautiful and exciting drives in the world. It seems that one is moving on the edge of the sea. The brutal and killing waves of Norwegian Sea adds to the beauty of the road. It […]

Travel Guide to Svalbard, Norway

Svalbard is one of the perfect destinations available for you to explore Northern Lights. As a popular destination among tourists, you will also notice that Svalbard is offering a large number of activities for the guests to enjoy. Svalbard tourism is blooming and you are strongly encouraged to think about visiting there. Before you visit […]

Travel Guide to Giraffe Manor, Kenya

What is the Giraffe Manor? Giraffe Manor is a tourist attraction in Kenya, which has got ten different rooms. These ten rooms are in a position to accommodate up to 25 guests at a time. It is a luxurious property, where you can find a swimming pool and a fitness center as well. But that’s […]