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Capri, Italy: Travel Tips for an Amazing Trip

Capri travel tips Every person, who wants to visit Italy, will never forget this hospitable country. You will enjoy magnificent panoramic architectural complexes, clean air and picturesque beaches. The island of Capri is one of the most precious and bright pearls of Italy. Capri travel is a real holiday in paradise. Capri coast is washed […]

The Great Wall, China: Facts and Visitor Tips

Great Wall travel guide The Great Wall is the most identifiable symbol of China, as well as its long and bright history. This monumental structure consists of numerous walls and fortifications, many of which are parallel to each other. Originally, the main aim of the Great Wall was the protection against nomadic raids by the […]

Cyprus Travel Guide

Cyprus Travel. The best of Cyprus Tourism Cyprus has always attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world with its crystal clear seas, hot sun, historical monuments and good service. Hotels in Cyprus are divided into several categories: hotels with stars, hotels in national style, hotels without stars and guest houses. In addition, you […]

Tel Aviv Travel Guide

Tel Aviv: everything you need to know about the city A trip to Tel Aviv — like a ticket to another Israel, completely opposite to Jerusalem. Here you will not find winding and narrow streets and ancient buildings, the charm of the eastern bazaars and the brightness of traditional quarters. Tel Aviv is a city […]

Venice, Italy: Top Attractions

The most interesting Venice attractions The endless canals of Venice share cozy houses, and when you admire them, you get the impression that time at this point in the land has specifically stopped to allow you to enjoy the beauty of this city longer. Despite the high prices, there are almost always many tourists in […]

Best Travel Podcasts

Podcasts for travelers Blogging is very popular now. And besides social networks and video blogging — it’s also podcasts. This is an audio recording, where the author personally tells you his story. Of course, such a current embraced the topic of travel, about which you can tell a lot of interesting information. By the way, […]