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Tips for Planning a Trip to the Grand Canyon

Visiting Grand Canyon Grand Canyon can be defined as a world heritage national park that is located in Arizona. It is recognized as one of the most stunning places that can be found in the modern world. This national park was established in 1919 by Congress. Even though Grand Canyon is not the first national […]

Planning a Route 66 Road Trip

Route 66 is a 2400 miles journey from Chicago Illinois to California. It is the biggest road journey or trip. Route 66 is the oldest route of U.S Highway. It was the very first work of them. The whole route is also known as Will Rogers Highway or Mother Road. How to plan a Route […]

Popular Food Around the World

Most commonly eaten food all over the world Staple food is the most commonly eaten food around the world. Most of the population doesn’t earn enough to eat other foods. Staple food is easy to get and most importantly affordable. People can cultivate their own food. They also can sell them and earn some money […]

Best Road Trips of 2019 (USA)

Most Prominent Road Trip Routes That You Can Consider 1. Pacific Coast Highway Pacific Coast Highway is known as one of the best road trips in the USA. Most of the people who look to get an unforgettable experience in the USA tend to proceed with this road trip. Pacific Coast Highway is well known […]

Best Day Trips from San Francisco

If you are from San Francisco and if you want to take a break from your busy life schedule, you can simply take a look at the best day trips that you can go ahead with. Then you will come across a large number of options as well. To make life easy for you, we […]

Top-Rated Weekend Getaways From San Diego

Road trips are always exciting and adventurous. San Diego is a great place to start your road trips. There are a lot of places at the remote distance from San Diego. Now we will discuss top road trips from San Diego below. San Diego is a quite popular and famous place to go for a […]