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Sanctuary of Madonna Della Corona, Italy

If you have not seen crazy architectural buildings, you are about to hear about one. This is a church built in the vertical midway of a cliff. This church on side of the mountain is built in a weird location. A place you cannot expect to have a building. This location is in a cool […]

Ronda, Spain: Mountaintop City

Ronda is a town located in an extraordinary spot. It is a town on the top of 100 meters gorge. The gorge is known as El Tajo gorge and it splits the town into two. The two towns located on either side of the gorge are connected with a bridge. Crossing from one town to […]

Pisa, Italy: City of the Leaning Tower

When I hear about Italy, I start imagining the architectural designs of their buildings. Every street has architectural details. They are attractive and well-done. I do not think there is any other country that can create something close to Italy. Pisa is a city that did not overlook the importance of keeping the architecture. The […]

Old Harry Rocks, United Kingdom: Top Things You Can Do

A place having coordinates 50.6423 degrees north and 1.9236 degrees west made up of chalk is called Old Harry Rocks. These three chalk formations consist of a stack and a stump. It is located at Handfast Point. These rocks are located in Dorset, on the South Coast of England. These rocks extend 95 miles from […]