new places and monuments are selected

New sites in all regions of the world are approved.

UNESCO’s World Heritage — natural or human-made objects, the priority tasks in relation to which are preservation and popularization due to their special historical or ecological unique. Let’s find out which cultural and natural wonders were chosen this time.

natural objects

What places are included in the list of 2017?

The program was adopted in 1972. UNESCO asks on all countries to sign the convention and propose to include in the list of World Heritage monuments located on their territory.
The main goal of the organization is to make known and protect objects that are unique in their kind.

21 new places were added

In 2017, at the 41st meeting of the committee, 21 new places were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Nominees are choosing by the commission on four natural and six cultural criteria: from the brilliant cultural masterpieces that are created by humanity, to delightful natural beauty objects. Most of the representatives of cultural heritage are gathered in Europe, but there are also places that are located in Asia and Africa. Of these, 18 cultural wonders and 3 natural sites, which were honored to be named the World Heritage.

new destinations

By the way, you can choose new destinations to add to your travel wish-list from the list of World Heritage. Believe us, these places are not in vain chosen by the cultural heritage of the whole world.
Newcomers on the list: Lake District in the UK, the forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians, the mines of Poland, the Indian city of Ahmadabad, founded in the XV century, the sand dunes of South Africa, the ruins of the African Mbanza-Congo in Angola, the temple complexes of Cambodia. And this is not a complete list of attractions.

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