Dubai Expo 2020 is one of the most anticipated events in Gulf region that you will come across in the calendar. Dubai has been planning for this event for years. Along with the event, Dubai is looking forward to showcasing its greatness to the people who live out there in the world and let them know about the new opportunities that are available in the region.
Numerous countries across the world are taking part in Dubai Expo 2020. Out of them, Singapore has received a lot of attention. That’s because Singapore is going forward with a whole new concept when they are constructing the Singapore Pavilion World Expo. Let’s deep dive and take a look at what Singapore Pavilion 2020 is all about. If you are making any plans to visit Dubai Expo 2020, you should visit the Singapore Pavilion and make sure that you grab the most out of it.

What Can You Witness in Singapore Pavilion?

The expo 2020 Singapore Pavilion construction activities are carried out by WOHA, which is one of the most prominent architecture firms based in Singapore. The Singapore Pavilion is located within the sustainability district of Dubai Expo 2020. Hence, they have come across the need to introduce an appropriate theme to the pavilion and make sure that it is getting maximum attention from the visitors who are attending the event.

The theme of Singapore Pavilion is simple and easy to understand. That’s because the theme is all about nature, nurture and future. From the pavilion, Singapore is looking forward to showcase the aspirations and innovations that they have come up with in the recent past in order to create livable cities with nature. You will notice that the entire Singapore Pavilion is powered up with solar energy. A large number of sola desalination systems are strategically installed throughout the pavilion. Hence, the pavilion will never consume any energy throughout the expo period of six months. This is one of the most impressive facts about Singapore Pavilion.

Singapore wanted to create a paradise filled with nature in the Arabian Desert. That’s one of the biggest reasons on why they came up with the idea of creating a pavilion under this theme. You will also notice that a large number of usable areas available within this pavilion. That’s because they have introduced multiple stacks for the pavilion. You will be able to discover the lush oasis made out of tropical trees everywhere in the pavilion. In addition to that, you will be able to discover vibrant orchids, which add more color to the pavilion. You can also find a large number of verdant shrubs available in here as well. On top of all these attractions, the hanging garden will receive lots of attention. That’s because the entire hanging garden will be anchored with just three different cones, which are draped along with vertical greenery.

You can discover a large number of multimedia displays scattered around Singapore Pavilion. Hence, guests who visit Singapore Pavilion will be able to understand more information about the concept and what’s unique in that. This is guaranteed to offer a memorable and refreshing experience to all the guests at the end of the day

You will also notice that there is a meandering canopy walk in the pavilion. It will provide all guests with the opportunity to walk around d the cones. Along with that, they can get exposed into the open sky market. It will also help them to secure a unique experience. The sky market is provided with shelter from the solar canopy.

All the engineers and architects who work on expo 2020 Singapore Pavilion have paid special attention towards cooling as well. That’s because the exhibition will take place inside a hot desert. In order to cool down the pavilion space, they have introduced a large number of fine mist fans. These fans are capable of delivering a top notch experience to all the visitors.

Throughout Singapore Pavilion, it is possible to discover a large number of exhibits. Hence, all the people who come to Singapore Pavilion will be provided with the opportunity to secure an outstanding experience. You can get a clear overview of the technological development that Singapore is experiencing as of now. In addition to that, you can also see how people in Singapore value the importance of nature while moving forward with technology. This will provide guests with lots of knowledge to take home.

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