Lefkada is on the west coast of Greece. It is also known as Leukas and Leucadia. The region has been under many hands. The history shows that it was held briefly by verifications. Later when the Ottoman-Venetician was ended, it became the part of the Ottoman Empire again. It was not all. There was another war between the two countries. If ended with the Ottoman surrendering to Venetian. Lefkada became a part of Ionian Island. Venetians made many changes in the infrastructure of the city. The German archeologist W.Dorfeld made some important findings. In his report, he had mentioned the links of Lefkada with the Homeric Ithaca. Several passages are relating Lefkada to be the model of Homer Ithaca. Some researchers date the city back to 8,000 B.C. The city is enriched with history. It is an important part of Greece. It is found that it was present in the battle. Of Solaris in the Peloponnesian war and during the campaign of Alexander the Great.

Ionian Islands

These are also called Heptnese meaning seven islands. There are many other small islands besides the seven main islands. The seven main islands are mentioned below.

• Kerkyra
• Paxi
• Lefkada
• Ithaki
• Kefalonia
• Zakynthos
• Kythira

The world Ionian was used in Greek for the sea between Epiris and Italy. The islands present on the sea are the Ionian Islands.

Lefkada Beaches

These beaches provide an amazing landscape. The exotic water bodies are seen everywhere. It brings out the romance in the air. Lefkada Beaches on the west are very unique due to the color of the water. The water is clear and blue. Lefkada Beaches are the most attractive and mesmerizing in the Mediterranean Sea.

Porto Katsiki

It is the most popular beach among tourists. It is 45 kilometers from the capital. Porto Katsiki is the model landscape of perfection in nature. The beauty of vegetation covers the place. The water gives a soothing and relaxing effect in the picture. The backdrop of the island is unique with the white cliffs.

Egremni Beach

This beauty of nature lies 40 kilometers from Lefkada city. Its landscape is rugged and versatile at the same time. You will feel the beauty of rough cliffs as well. The Ionian water gives it more power to shine. This beach is only accessible by boat. Every summer the beach is packed by hundreds of visitors. In spite of all the world, you can still enjoy the feeling of isolation on the beach.

Kathisma Beach

Due to its irresistible beauty, the beach is almost crowded most of the time. It is the best spot for water sports. This beach is the main preference for young people. The shiny white sand and turquoise water can sway you. The island is filled with beautiful spots to enjoy your holiday.

Agios Beach

It is only a few kilometers away from Lefkada city. The addition of windmills gives it a storybook beauty. The landscape is rustic yet it screams beauty. Water sports and relaxing centers are also present at the beach. Due to the pressure of the wind, it is the best place for windsurfers.

Agios Nikita Beach

It is only 13 kilometers away from Lefkada. The main activity on the backside is fishing. If someone loves to go fishing, Lefkada has taken care of your wishes and created a special spot for you. In Lefkada, things to do are very easy for the tourists.

Mylos Beach

Lefkada has kept his beaches very clean and nearest to nature. Mylos is also a magnificent beach. It is the best destination for those who want to spend time in seclusion. The lady nature opens her arms to embrace you in the love of beauty.

Agiofili Beach

In Lefkada, things to do is very easy. On the beach of Agiofili, you can enjoy the landscape of crystal water. You can come to the beach via boat or by walking the tracking path. It is 38 kilometers away from Lefkada town. The vivid and transparent waters of the sea open a new world of underwater species. It is a captivating sight to relish.

Poros Mikoos Gialos Beach

The beach is stretching from 30 kilometers south of Lefkada. A whole range of sunbathing and swimming activities are present here. It has a long sandy beach adorned with sunbeds and umbrellas. The blue water looks like the reflection of the sky above.

Vassiliki Beach

It is mainly a fishing village. It has perfect sailing and windsurfing connections. There are many camping sites, shopping areas, a modern café and bar at the beach. Vassiliki Beach also offers hotel accommodation to visitors.

Kalamitsi Beach

This beach is covered with sparkly crystal water and white sand. It is a perfect point for sunbathing and swimming. It has a picturesque view. There are many rough rocks present at the beach which attracts many photographers and entertainment industry.

Tsoukalades Beach

It is located at 6 kilometers from Lefkada. It is a small beach compared to other sites. There are large rocks on the beach which makes it difficult to move around easily. However, it is a perfect spot for someone who is seeking isolation.

Nidri Beach

The row of palm trees covers the beach. They form a charming and pleasant atmosphere for children and adults. The place is surrounded by cafes, bars, and restaurants. It provides you all the comfortable facilities you need. You can enjoy the views of other islets such as Scorpios. It is an attraction for thousands of visitors every summer, becoming part of this joyful location. It is 17 kilometers away from Lefkada town.

Lefkada Greece Weather

No matter when you are going to Greece you will find a suitable Mediterranean climate. The winters are wet but summer is very dry. Lefkada Greece weather is perfect in July and August to go on vacation. It will give you more chance to enjoy all the activities Lefkada has to offer. Lefkada Greece weather supports family tours.

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