Balat colourful houses is a hidden gem that you can find in the massive city. You will need to get into the neighborhood called Balat to experience them. It is an old district, which is filled with a large number of colorful wooden houses. Along with them, you will be able to discover a large number of cafes and houses as well. All of them are colorful and they are in a position to provide you with feel good vibes. Therefore, you will fall in love with the good experiences that you can secure in here.

Balat, Istanbul: What to Do?

You will come across many different things to do when you are spending your time in Balat of Istanbul. In order to get the most out of the time you spend, you are strongly encouraged to think about coming here in the morning. Most of the tourists are not aware of this fact. Hence, you will be able to experience a peaceful time in Istanbul as well.

You can take your time and wander around the Kiremit Street. In addition to that, you can also think about roaming around the other prominent streets that you can find in the region as well. The quietness that you can find in the streets will create an ideal environment for you to enjoy your time. Therefore, you will be able to fall in love with the great experiences that you are securing in here.

One of the places that you shouldn’t forget to visit is Forno. It is one of the most popular restaurants available in Kiremit Street. When you walk into this restaurant, you will be able to enjoy a perfect Turkish lunch. It can even become the most flavorful lunch that you can have within Turkey as well. While enjoying the lunch, you will be able to see how the baked goods are being prepared right in front of you. Along with this restaurant, you can find many other cool looking restaurants and cafes. You have the freedom to walk into any of them and enjoy what they have to offer. On top of that, a large number of design shops can be found in the region as well.

After having your lunch in any of the restaurants available in Kiremit Street, you should think about getting to the rainbow stairs. Then you will be able to capture few other unique photos as well. It can also provide you with a great experience, which you will fall in love with.

It is important to leave a note on the houses that you can find along Kiremit Street as well. All the houses that you can find along Kiremit Street are pastel painted. You will be able to get a stunning view of them. That’s because different houses have been provided with different colors. This has given life to a lively scene as well.

During the time you spend in Balat Istanbul, you have all the freedom to blend with the locals as well. That’s because locals are friendly. Since this is not a busy city, you will notice that the locals are having lots of time to talk with you. Hence, you can ensure having a great experience at Kiremit Street.

History of Balat, Istanbul

Balat is considered as one of the oldest distracts that you will be able to find in Istanbul. The region is quite popular for the wooden houses. These wooden houses were created more than 200 years ago. You can find friendly local families living in the wooden houses as of now. On the other hand, you will notice that the Kiremit Street Istanbul has a welcoming environment. Hence, you will be provide with a perfect environment to enjoy what is offered to the guests in here.

As soon as you get into Kiremit Street, you will get the opportunity to surround yourself with historical buildings. It will be a unique experience, which you will never forget. The look and feel of all the buildings that you can see in here are enhanced with the narrow streets. You will love to take lots of pictures while staying on these streets. Due to the same reason, it is one of the most popular Instagram friendly locations that you can find in Istanbul as well.

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