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Norway can boast the most remarkable public WC? Is it true?

The most splendid public toilet has been opened in Norway. It is located on the tourist route Helgelandskysten in the west of Norway. Helgelandskysten is one of 18 national tourist routes of the country. The project of the building has been developed by specialists of Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter Company, which is in Oslo.

The toilet is located on the nine meter terrace of Ureddplassen, which is one of the tourist points of the Helgelandskysten route. Besides wavy form of the toilet and glass walls you can enjoy stunning views of the Norwegian Sea. What is more, it is in the best place to observe the northern lights.

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The architects also take care of those who would have to stand in line. Instead of the tedious waiting, people can sit on pink marble benches.

In addition, Ureddplassen is not only a public toilet, but also a monument in honor of 42 people who died in February 1943.

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Travelling to Norway

Recently, Norway is actively working on its tourist routes. Helgelandskysten is not only the longest, but also the most picturesque.

Travelling to Norway

Norway is an amazing country that captivates travelers, with picturesque and almost virgin nature. Holiday in Norway is chosen by tourists, who want to see the charm of Europe combined with amazing natural phenomena, such as the northern lights. However, tourists admire the famous fjords the most. These are deep sea bays, surrounded by high cliffs.


Norway and its inhabitants will meet you with Scandinavian cordiality, excellent hotels with the highest level of service, ecologically clean and amazingly beautiful nature and tasty food.

Norway is an amazing country of contrasts. Here is a sea, mountains and ancient history. It means that you can enjoy the stories of the guides to the fullest. Breweries and the original national cuisine of Norway are known all over the world. Every season this country gives opportunities for a perfect recreation.

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