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Awesome travel Instagram profiles

If you are planning a trip or want to learn more about the beauty of our planet, then these accounts in the Instagram are just for you. These users made from their profiles a real art of photography, and also could earn money on it. You can see the most remote corners of our planet and enjoy their beauty. See their photos and be inspired for new trips, and maybe to create your own travel blog.

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One of the top travel accounts on Instagram and one of the most informative, because its owner is not only a great photographer, she is also a writer. Kirsten Alana, travel blogger from New York. In 2009 she left her job as a wedding photographer and went to fly in a balloon over Melbourne and conquer volcanoes in Indonesia, which she writes on her blog and tells in instagram. Photographer and writer from New York, Kirsten Alana travels around the world and takes pictures on his mobile phone. The girl leaves an interesting note to each frame, due to which this Instagram becomes like a small textbook on history or geography.

Kirsten Alana

@ fosterhunting

The 25-year-old photographer Foster Huntington quit his job at Ralph Lauren two years ago. The young man bought a van in which he began to travel and take pictures of the beautiful world around him. Foster Huntington is primarily a talented photographer. Therefore, by subscribing to this account, you will see the masterpieces of the photo and see how beautiful the nature is. From his successful photoreports from his trip to North America, Foster compiled a book called “The House Where You Park It.” Recommended for viewing.

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@ muradosmann

One of the most popular travel of Instagram-accounts, devoted to travel, belongs to the photographer from Russia Murad Osman, who in addition to social networking is a Russian photographer and producer. The guy with his girlfriend Natalia Zakharova goes around the world and makes a series of pictures of the named # followmеto. Photos on which the girl as if carries away Murad, holding his hand, are made in different places that are amazing with their beauty and sights of different cities. Everyone has ever seen these pictures, because they caught crazy popularity in Instagram.

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Yeatoeh Penjore, Instagram-blogger girl from Bhutan. She travels to the most remote corners of her not spoiled country of tourism, and her instagram is considered the best photoblog about Bhutan. The blogger shows the life of Asia in all its glory, because Asia is not so close and known to most people. Stunning landscapes and sketches from life are what attracts more than 6500 followers in Instagram Yeatoeh Penjore. Perhaps, it is thanks to her about the culture of Asian countries learn more and tourists will begin to visit them more often.


Alex Strol – a photographer originally from picturesque Canada. Alex skilfully singled out the main advantages of the country’s own country and built his account on it. Snow-capped mountain peaks, lake-wrapped mists, green forests and roads that have no end-Alex’s majestic landscapes have fascinated more than half a million subscribers. His photos seem to convey fresh air, the smell of oil and the spirit of travel through the vast expanses. The beautiful nature of the country affects users of Instagram and attracts more and more followers.

Alex Strol from Canada


Manuel Pita, a scientist in the field of artificial intelligence from Lisbon. But he does have real artistic talent, and this is immediately clear from his Instagram. Traveling the world, he finds unique shots that make his profile one of the best travel Instagram accounts. Lonely houses, as if drawn on sand, an endless Atlantic Ocean and tall grass against the background of a transparent Portuguese sky. When the museums of the future begin to exhibit shots from the instagram, Manuel’s work will need a separate room.

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A free photographer from Germany, Hannes Becker, started traveling and publishing photos four years ago in his Instagram account, to which more than 1.2 million people have signed. Becker’s childhood passed in the mountain village of Hessen, which shaped his preferences and style.

Hannes photographs predominantly severe Scandinavian landscapes, using post-processing in a cold color scheme – his works are admired not only for realism, but also for a special atmosphere.

The talent of the guy was appreciated by many brands and made him his ambouncer. He cooperates with such famous brands as Sony, Canon, National Geographic and others.

@ _danieltran_

Daniel Tran is a professional photographer from Sydney, who grew up in the coastal town of Coffs Harbor. The amazing scenery of the east coast of Australia inspired Daniel to take pictures. Despite the employment in authoritative publications, the guy travels a lot. He firmly follows his goal – to show people the beauty of our planet. And he is doing great.

Horse Head Rock view

@ polar.girl

Daniela Nezikova from Slovakia is not like most travel bloggers. And this makes her profile one of the top travel blogs on Instagram. Her hobby combines with work in the office. Daniela’s account in the Instagram account is dedicated to the North. In her free time she travels with camera in the hands of Iceland, Canada, Norway and Sweden, shooting the polar lights against the background of snow-capped mountains, waterfalls and forests.


In 2012, the Englishman Jack Morris gave up the boring job of a carpet cleaner in his native Manchester and bought a ticket to Bangkok, turning his life into an endless journey. Two years later he created a rapidly gaining popularity blog, which shares amazing photos with 2.8 million subscribers.

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In 2016 in Fiji Morris met his girlfriend, a talented blogger from Australia Lauren Bullen @gypsea_lust, and they decided to travel together. Now Jack 27, with him cooperate with famous brands such as Disney, AirBnB, Royal Caribbean Cruises, which allows the guy to earn from 9 thousand dollars for one photo.

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