Golden Bridge in Vietnam

New Vietnam attraction

In the Vietnam city of Danang, the Golden Bridge opened, which stretches for 150 meters. He is supported by two huge stone hands. They are specially aged to make visitors think that everything is about to collapse.

Unusual bridge that holds with hands

An unusual bridge opened in July near Danang, in the heart of the country. The arms supporting the bridge seem to be weathered and old, they fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape. A pair of gigantic hands gently lift the sparkling bridge into the sky, as if the ancient stone god wants to raise the Cau Vang. It is this unusual design that can now be enjoyed among the green Vietnamese hills. The Cau Vang Bridge towers over the legendary Thien Thai Garden.

A unique architectural design will be another attraction of the mountain resort of Ba-Na-Hill, created by French colonists more than a hundred years ago. Here is a Buddhist temple, many restored villas, virgin forests, as well as the longest cable car in the world.

Giant Stone Hands of Golden Bridge in Vietnam

Golden Bridge Vietnam is located at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level, so you can admire with its fascinating view of the forests and hills of Vietnam. On the sides the bridge is decorated with flowering flower beds. Ideal environment for spending the most romantic date here. Such a chic look your half will appreciate.

Cau Vang is located at an altitude of 1,402 meters above sea level, connects 8 sections and stretches for 150 meters in length.

Construction of the bridge cost 2 billion dollars. According to experts, the new survey site will attract tourists to the region. The bridge and other new buildings in Vietnam are part of one big campaign to attract tourists to the country.

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