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Make Economy feel like First Class

The desire of carriers to fit as many passengers as possible for each flight leads to certain inconveniences for travelers. For example, when the sizes of seats shrink. Fortunately, not all airlines are developing this trend. A number of companies believe that it is possible to attract more passengers by increasing the comfort of the flight. Such carriers actively use all kind of innovations.

6 know-how of different airlines

Flat beds. Several airlines offer an alternative version of economy-class seats, which are transformed into sleeping places. In Air New Zealand airplanes, three economy class seats are converted into a full bed by simply pressing a button. Two passengers can lie comfortably in such a sleeping place. For example, it may be a married couple. Convenient seats are sold at a standard price, and the third seat can be purchased at half price.

economy-class seats, which are transformed into sleeping places

Some airlines, such as China Airlines, also take a use of this idea, and passengers are offered a set of services: a mattress, pillows, blankets and even toys for children.
New seating arrangements. Air New Zealand has created new curved and rotating Space Seats that provide more space and privacy in the economy class. Such places are perfect for those who need to work or want to relax. Thus, the airline gives an opportunity to enjoy the business-class service at a lower price.

curved and rotating Space Seats

More space. Lufthansa has designed slimmer seat where the legroom is significantly increased. The price is only slightly higher than the standard economy class, but the level of comfort is much higher.
Seats in Qantas aircraft are distinguished by a lighter and more flexible base, and a retractable footrest that provides more comfortable sleep.

slimmer seat where the legroom is significantly increased

Choose the seats via social networks. KLM airline has introduced the function of selecting fellow travelers, based on common interests or links on Facebook and LinkedIn using the Meet & Seat program. After viewing the profile of the future travel companion on social networks, the passenger can first choose a suitable neighbor, and then buy a ticket next to him.
Gadgets during flight. Virgin America offers a built-in gadget with on-board chat, where all passengers can communicate with each other. Also with this device you can watch a movie or satellite TV, listen to music or order drinks.

built-in gadget with on-board chat

Singapore Airlines has a similar system that includes movies and TV, games, radio, language training programs and even a USB port through which you can connect a player or PDF reader.
Bright interior. Many companies use LED-displays in the design of aircraft interiors. Visual effects help expand the space and make it more stylish. In the daytime they display a cloudless sky, at night – a beautiful sunset.

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