Before you visit Ban Gioc waterfall, it is important to keep in mind that this is not one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. However, certain developments in the surrounding area have taken place in the recent past, which will allow you to explore it with ease.

Ban Gioc Waterfall Facts

The Ban Gioc Falls is also known as Detian Falls. It is one of the most beautiful natural attractions that you can discover in Vietnam. This waterfall has got a total height of 70 meters. Water in this waterfall is tumbling down through a multi-tiered cliff. This has provided an amazing appearance, along with a lush backdrop. You will love to admire the natural beauty that can be seen here. Along with that, you will also love to capture a lot of photos during the time that you are spending in here as well.

Around Ban Gioc Falls, you can find many other mountain peaks. You can think about going for them with the Ban Gioc Falls tour. Or else, you can stay here and enjoy the beauty offered by these peaks.

How to Get to Ban Gioc Falls?

Ban Gioc Falls is located on the Quay Son River of Vietnam. In fact, this river is located on the international border of Vietnam and China. You will also notice that the waterfall is sandwiched by two countries as well.

Most of the people prefer to get into Ban Gioc Falls from the Vietnam side. That’s the most convenient method available for you to approach the fall as well. Then you can get near the falls and explore it without facing any hassle. On top of that, Ban Gioc Falls is located in close proximity to the capital city of Vietnam. Due to the same reason, international tourists will find it an easy task to come here from Vietnam.

There are bus rides from the Cao Bang City of Vietnam. You can find buses that are departing every hour. It will take around 6 to 8 hours to get near the waterfall and experience it. It is possible for you to discover sleeper buses as well. People who are looking for a comfortable travel experience will be able to go ahead with these sleeper buses so that they can travel with minimum discomfort.

You can get to Ban Gioc Falls from the Chinese side as well. In order to do that, you will need to visit Nanning City first. Then you will need to go near the Langdon Bus Station and get into a bus. After a four-hour bus ride, you will be able to come here. There are arranged tours available for tourists as well. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle associated with bus rides, you must take a look at these arranged tours.

What Can You Expect at Ban Gioc Falls?

Near the entrance of the Ban Gioc waterfall, you will need to purchase a ticket. A ticket can be purchased for just $2. There is a kiosk and you can get the ticket within a matter of a few seconds. However, you might be also asked to provide your passport in certain instances. That’s because this waterfall is located on the Chinese border. They need to make sure that you are not crossing the Chinese border, while you are exploring the waterfall.

You can go ahead with your Ban Gioc Falls tour on any given day of the year. In fact, it is open for tourists throughout the entire year as well. However, you are encouraged to refrain from visiting here during the wetter months of Vietnam. In other words, you must think twice before you visit this waterfall in between June and August. During these months, you can experience heavy downpours, which makes the different tiers of the waterfall to merge with each other. As a result, you will not be able to experience the most out of its beauty. On the other hand, water will spray farther during these months. Hence, you will find it a difficult task to capture the best photos as well. The best time of the year for you to visit Ban Gioc Falls is between September and October.

Is it Worthy to Visit Ban Gioc Falls?

Ban Gioc Falls is one of the most beautiful natural attractions that you can find in Vietnam. If you are planning to immerse yourself in natural beauty, this will be a good destination to visit. You will be able to take perfect pictures at the base of the waterfall. The potential photo opportunities that you can discover in here are endless. In case if you are adventurous, you are encouraged to think about climbing to the precarious sides of this waterfall as well. Then you will be able to take a unique look at it.

All the tourists who visit the Ban Gioc waterfall will be able to have a splashing good time. The curtains of water would definitely make you wet. Hence, you should be ready for it at the time of visiting. In addition to that, you will be able to go for a 10-minute bamboo raft ride as well. You will need to pay an extra $2 for it. The experience that you can get out of this ride is totally worth it when compared to the amount you spend. Hence, you are encouraged to consider it as well.

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