Patagonia's Perito Moreno Glacier

Interesting facts about Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia

Perito Moreno is the pearl of the Los Glyacious National Park. These huge blue ice floes are located on the border of the Argentine province of Santa Cruz and Chile. The age of the glacier, named after the explorer Francisco Moreno, is 30 thousand years. Perito Moreno has stunning dimensions: the width of its terminus is 5km, the average height above the water surface is 60m, the average depth is 170m, and the maximum depth is 700m.

The unique attraction is constantly moving: its average speed is 2m per day, while it is constantly decreasing. This immense ice mass is really breathtaking. We see above the water only a small part of this giant.

Los Glyacious National Park

It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is revered by both tourists and scientists all around the world.

In the National Park of Los Glyacious, there are three observation platforms, where you can observe broken pieces of ice falling in the lake of Argentina. The color of the ice depends on the weather conditions and the degree of cloudiness. It ranges from transparent-crystal and white to dark blue in cloudy weather.

Perito-Moreno photo

Visiting the glacier

Every schoolboy knows about the problem of global warming. However, hearing the constant crackle of the glacier, or observing the crash of ice blocks, comes the understanding that for Perito Moreno this topic is a thorny problem. This huge mass of frozen water slowly melts and constantly moves. Every year, scientists record the fact that Perito Moreno is moving 400-450m forward.

Visiting the glacier

The collapse of the glacier is a real delight for the viewer. After all, here you have a chance to observe how 15-meter blocks of ice crash into the lake. This pastime is also somewhat risky, especially if you decide to admire the main glacier of Patagonia aboard the boat.

water cold

From November to March the temperature fluctuates around + 10 – 15 ° C, even in the warmest months (December and January) do not wait for hot weather. During the Argentine winter from July to August, temperature is from 0 to +5 ° C, in autumn and winter – from +5 to +10 ° C. Therefore, it is recommended to visit this attraction from November to March.

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