Japan is the Land of the Rising Sun. It once had a goddess of the sun. Some places have been named after the goddess. How many waterfalls do you know in Japan? Many, right? But have you been to Manai falls?

Even though this is from personal experience, you will find it interesting as well. This is in a strategic serene environment. You will find it in Takachiho, Miyazaki. Nature is welcoming and preserved. The air is cool and the breeze might leave you thinking of becoming a resident. Japan is known to have a rich culture and stories. At this fall, you will learn more about the myths and the spiritual stories surrounding it. Getting a closer view of the fall is another adventure.

You can decide to walk or take a boat. It is a boat riding time. The boat will get you close to the fall and you can take pictures with the falling water. From the bridge above, you can also see the falls. Are you scared of heights like me? I choose a boat ride over the bridge view because of the height. The waterfalls heavily making sounds to alert you that it is the king of nature around. The sunlight rays penetrating the canyon make the water glitter magnificently. It creates a mesmerizing imagination that is therapeutic. It is lit up until late at the night. As late as ten at night, you can access this gorgeous waterfall.

Best Group of People to Visit the Fall

Couples. This is a nice place to take a break or spice your romance. The boat ride is for the utmost three people. During a low season, you can have one exclusive for you. The 30 minutes boat ride will help you solve any problems and fill the air with love.

Groups. Mostly, women are known to have groups. The major factor for groups is financial management. Therefore, if you decide to take an adventure as a group, this falls is worth every penny you will contribute. It will help you build a stronger bond and recover from any stress.

Individual travelers. Some people are traveling on their own. I find it boring but some people like being alone. Nevertheless, a tour to this fall will give you friends. Nature is soothing your emotions as the fall creates gigantic sounds. Children between the age of seven and seventeen are also allowed in the area. It may not be suitable for any younger person because of boating. The water is deep and is not deemed suitable for kids. This Takachihodori waterfall is attractive and relaxing.

Visiting this place during the spring, summer and autumn will pay off well. Spring is in the months of March to May while summer is between June and August. Autumn is close to the December festive seasons that is from September to November. The environment surrounding the fall is natural. The tall trees with autumn leaves are beautiful. During the sunny season, sun rays will penetrate through the trees to create a lively look in the water. It makes the boat ride more interesting.

Things to Do in Manai

Following this article has clicked an idea in your mind. Boating. Boating is the major thing to get you close to the Manai falls, Miyazaki. It will give you experience in the water. Looking up, you will see yourself between two cliffs.

Visit Amano Iwato Shrine. Here, you will learn more about the sun goddess and the failed relationship with her brother. This shrine is a monument dedicated to Amano Iwato. This is a cave where the goddess hides from the brother after he annoyed her. A priest found in this shrine takes you to see the sacred place. However, taking pictures is not allowed.

Watching the traditional dances. These dances and performances are in the Takachiho shrine. If you are lucky to visit between November and February, you will see a lot. The organized musical and dance activities run during this period. Takachiho Kagura Hall hosts dances and traditional performances in the evening throughout the year.

There are many restaurants and hotels around the location. You will get to taste different Japanese cuisines and delicacies. Restaurants around waterfalls in Japan serve the best food to their customers. The ones around Manai are no different. The food is tasty and unique. I think Japan has the best food I have tasted so far.


Visiting the Takachihodori waterfall is a good way of taking some time off your duties. The activities to do are exciting and the people serving you are welcoming. The scenes are beautiful and breathtaking. The experience here cannot be compared to any other. You will learn a lot about the myths surrounding this place.

Many things in Japan are based on mythical stories. The stories are pseudo to us but very important to Japanese people. Every story is unique in a way and you get to believe it. It is a land of magic that should be explored. You will go back home with a relaxed soul and an educated mind. You will mingle with the Japanese and learn more about their culture. It is one of the best places in Japan you should not miss stopping. Alternate your visits between spring, summer, and autumn. Every season will give you a unique experience. Also, take a look both from above on the bridge, and from a boat. The two different scenes give you different feelings. It is 17 meters tall. Wow! Looking at 17 meters from below and above must be tantalizing. I felt dizzy looking at it from the bridge.

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