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The best national parks of the island

Is there a heaven for human on earth? The question is controversial. But if it is, it is definitely somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. More precisely in the Hawaiian Islands. Here the sun, the sea, sand and a lot of positive mood. And also, the beautiful tropical nature and the huge volcanoes that served as the creation of the Hawaii National Parks. We will tell you about the most interesting parks of the island, which you can’t leave without paying attention if you are going to travel to Hawaii.

tropical nature of Hawaii

Delightful nature and volcanoes of Hawaii

National Historic Park of Hawaii Kaloko-Honokoo

Along the west coast of the island of Hawaii is the National Historic Park of Hawaii, Kaloko-Honokoo. It was opened in 1978 with the aim of preserving and protecting the traditional Hawaiian locality, their activities and culture. It consists of two parts, as can be seen from its name. One part of Honokoo is related to archaeological and cultural features, the other is Kaloko, with plant and animal life.

Water areas are considered one of the best on the Big Island. They are the remnants of a once-thriving aquaculture system. The park has many important natural features that enable you to understand its history and past destination. The coral reef, ponds and ponds in which birds live are easily accessible. The plant world is very picturesque, both along the coastline and in the depths of the park.

In the park you can touch the animal world. Here there are shrimps in ponds and majestic humpback whales in the ocean, large and small creatures inhabiting the earth and water spaces.

Once here, tourists will be able to plunge into the unique and diverse world of wildlife and learn a lot about the culture and life of ancient Hawaiians.

Kaloko-Honokoo in Hawaii

The river park of Wailua

On the island of Kauai, in its eastern part, the Wailua National Park is located. Here, tourists will be able to observe how the navigable river flows into the ocean, noisy waterfalls and of course, picturesque views of nature.

The area of the natural complex is 1100 acres. Called the Hawaii National Park of Wailua in honor of the river, which flows here. Tourists will find here quiet secluded places for picnic walks, archaeological finds, waterfalls, which you can watch from viewing platforms. The tropical nature is amazing, also in the park there is a coconut grove. In addition to beautiful plants, travelers will be able to see exotic birds and animals.

Yet the main attraction of the park is the river Wailua. On it you can raft on kayaks, make a river walk on a boat or boat. On the north side of the river there are hiking trails where there are wonderful places for a picnic.

One of the most popular routes in the Wailua Park is a river cruise up the river where you can visit the Fern grotto. It is in the thick of the rainforest, and the caves themselves are filled with ferns.

Wailua National Park

Exciting volcanic parks

“Hawaii volcanoes” National Park refers to such few places on the planet where there is a unique opportunity with almost no risk to life to watch the hot lava erupt out of the bowels of the earth. On its territory is the most majestic on Earth, the Mauna Loa volcano and the most active – Kilauea, and see them every year more than 3 million travelers.

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanic activity in the protected zone is manifested in geysers, lava flows and pipes, heat fields, pits of craters, beaches with black sand and other phenomena. In its territory you can see both tropical vegetation and barren deserts that serve as the habitat for various animals and insects. Including the vanishing ones, among them smiling spiders, turtle horns, carnivorous caterpillars, birds of Nene. In the park there are many archaeological monuments of the Aborigines, from original buildings to the rarest concentrations of petroglyphs. But the main interest, of course, is represented by volcanoes.

Volcanic activity

During the excursion to the volcano, visit the Kilauea Tourist Assistance Center, where you can find out many interesting facts about Hawaii volcanoes National Park, the center’s viewing platform offers spectacular views of a large crater. Here you can observe an amazing sight, as the streams of hot lava flow right into the sea and instantly freeze. Do not forget to visit the lusty corridor of Thurston, along which lava rivers once flowed.

The park is located in the southeast area of the Big Island of Hawaii, 48 km from the city of Hilo and 154 km from the town of Kon. You can get to the place from these cities by bus or order a transfer from the hotel.

For those who are by car: the N11 highway leads to the park. Entrance to the territory is free, but for a car or a bicycle you have to pay.

lava rivers

Haleakala National Park of Havaii

The volcano of Haleakala forms the greater part of the island of Maui. The main attraction of the park is the extinct volcano Haleakala, the last time erupting in 1790. In the language of the indigenous population, Haleakala means “the house of the Sun,” according to the old local legend; the demigod Maui imprisoned the Sun to lengthen the day.

Haleakala National Park

The highest point of the island is the Eastern Maui Volcano with a peak of 3,000 meters. The entire surrounding area was included in the Haleakala National Park. Most of the park is centered around a huge crater resembling lunar landscapes. Climbing the mountains, travelers can view the whole island, and from the top and clouds, which are directly under the feet of tourists. Agriculture and agriculture significantly improved the soil, which created ideal conditions for vegetation on the island. Unique here is a volcanic flower that grows and blossoms on the slopes of the volcano for 10 years.

Maui National Park

To the right of it is Khana with blossoming jungle, from below in the south — Kihei and the Bay of La Peruz, in the north — Kahului and our former condo in Haiku, and in the west, respectively, Lahaina, and all western sights.

Hiking is the most popular way to explore the national park, and the best views open along the Ka Loo trail near the cone. If you are hiking along the Pipivai trail, then you will find several illuminating pools with clear water. Another attraction is the 120-meter waterfall Vaimoku, which is located at the very end of the Pipivai trail.

Pipivai trail

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