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African overland trip: Discovering the beauty of Africa

Overland tours in Africa mean an incredible pristine nature and a magnificent animal kingdom, boundless savannah, mountains and moist tropical forests. Here live unique tribes that have preserved their culture and customs to the present day. There are incredible animals, proud predators and amazing birds, which can be seen only on the expanses of this continent.

For many people, Africa remains an unknown continent. However, this continent is very diverse. Everything changes from region to region: culture, climate, cuisine and standard of living.

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What to expect?

First of all, you should be ready for a lot of driving. For this reason, it is a great idea to take a number of entertaining gadgets, books and convenient pillow in the trunk. What is more, here you can spend hours dreaming. Open savannah and infinite blue sky induce to it.

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Bumpy roads are waiting for you during overland trip. Of course, there are quality roads in some countries in Africa, but you should also be ready for gravel and dirt roads.

You will not meet luxury lodges on your way. Such overland trips are divided into two groups: accommodated trip and camping. First means that you will stay in simplified accommodation. Camping tour is cheaper, and when you choose it, you will sleep in two-person tents, which are rather cozy and roomy.

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You should be prepared for “rustic” bathrooms. It goes without saying that there are extended sections of roads without WC. Therefore, you will be in need to go in the bush. If you see a toilet on the road, it will not be the cleanest one. That is why, do not forget to take hand sanitizer.

During overland trip, you will observe breathtaking wilderness areas, savannah and deserts. Therefore, there are no Wi-Fi free zones. Such a trip gives you a chance to relax from social media and enjoy the unreal beauty.

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