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Nature of Europe

Since the turn of the new century people leaving their shores to take a break from their mostly monotonous lifestyles are more concerned of getting themselves closer to Nature and enjoying what the world has to offer them. The world has much to offer the discerning Nature lover and Europe may be the closest for all those who would seek to travel from the west especially the Americans if they are looking for something different from what they would find in their part of the world. The Middle Eastern and Asian visitors too are on the lookout for something different from the harsh and arid deserts of the former and the mostly tropical climates of the latter.

This has led to Europe taking a prominent place on most Nature lovers who are obsessed with the idea of finding the best Natural places of interest around Europe and there are plenty of such places on offer to satiate their appetites. Flipping through travel magazines, and other sources finding the best nature travel destinations which suit your palate is not a very difficult endeavor.

The task of selecting the best places to travel for nature especially if you are aspiring to turn towards Europe then there are many which you would not be able to count with your fingers and toes. The list of interesting places is so diverse that selecting the right place would not be a difficult endeavor either. You may need to decide how best you could accommodate the best nature travel destinations with the money in your wallet. That would not be difficult as the choices are immense and it is a case of looking what is on offer, where and how best you could afford it.

Without exception every country in Europe has its special and best places to travel for nature finding the right one would be the prerogative of the intending visitor. He or she would need to collate everything that is available at the place and then decide how best to enjoy the visit with the minimum expenditure coupled with optimum enjoyment.

Locarno in autumn

We look at some of the places that would come up on a search which could be the best nature travel destinations any visitor would be able to visit especially during the season when the Sun is up and the weather is warm and pleasant. Nature has much to offer in Europe from waterfalls, lakes, rivers, natural parks, spectacular scenery, beaches and many more which would be numerous to mention.

Natural Places of Interest Around Europe

Sibenik in Croatia is just one of many places steeped in natural beauty in this beautiful country. Encompassed by limestone rocks and home to a soothing to eye mountain range makes this city by the sea a nature lover’s paradise. Home to about 300 islets, islands, reefs and spectacular cliffs this place is a must for everyone who would look to unwind and relax. The Cathedral of St. Jacob an iconic edifice in the city was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 2000 bringing mush importance to what this quaint and laid back city has to offer.

Sibenik city view

Corfu in Greece boasts of a climate that is pleasant and accommodating all through the year with a mixture of British, French, and Venetian culture as the area has had the best of all worlds. The pristine beaches with golden sand provide the right impetus for any Nature lover to come looking for some peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Nature has been kind to this area as it is so peaceful and quiet, which would make it an ideal place to visit assimilate everything it has to offer every discerning Nature lover.

Corfu in summer

The often referred to Little Switzerland, which is the Mullerthal region of Luxembourg is one place that would suit the palate of any Nature lover and would be just what they would be looking for and one place that would definitely fit the bill to be the best. Nature has bestowed this area with some spectacular rock formations, picturesque valleys high and beautiful mountains to provide picture book perfection. The small villages that dot the surrounding landscape adds sheer beauty with a changing foliage with the different seasons. If there is one place on Earth that is considered close to what paradise has to offer then this would be high on priority.

bridge in Mullerthal

Locarno in Switzerland is another place which would fit any Nature lover’s imagination of finding that perfect place to see natural beauty at its best without roaming in circles to find the place in your dreams. This place is centrally located and easily accessible from any part of Europe or beyond and is just the place anyone would want to see what Nature has to offer at its best. This place may be high on beauty but it is well known universally as it is within one of the most beautiful countries of the world, Switzerland.

Locarno city and mountains

Bonifacio in France would be the last but not the least to harness support as a Nature lover’s paradise and has been a much visited area within France in general. It has retained its incredible charm and is a magnet to many who would be looking for some quiet moments with Nature to enjoy everything that is on offer. Its 60 meters high cliffs coupled with a coastline running along about 120 kilometers all makes this place a picture book setting. France itself has much to offer as a Nature lover’s destination but this place stands out as special among the many sights that the country has to offer.

beach of Bonifacio

Europe needs to be explored to enjoy its beauty and as a Nature lover those who undertake such an endeavor would be richly rewarded with some of the best travel destinations to entice everyone who would want to share some moments with Nature. If you are contemplating of visiting any nature destination then look up the relevant information in magazines and other sources as you are bound to find many.

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