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Ecotourism in New Zealand. The facts that make New Zealand special

New Zealand is one of the most environmentally benign countries in the world.

Ecotourism is extremely popular in New Zealand. Every year this distant corner of the world is visited by millions of tourists, they come here to admire unspoilt nature.

New Zealand has 14 national parks. This country can boggle your imagination with its nature wonders. Fans of ecotourism have an opportunity to see fiords, beaches, volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, picturesque lakes and river meadows.

The Nature as a landscape designer

The Nature as a landscape designer 

Slope Point became well known because of the unusual trees that grow there on the Southern Island of New Zealand.

Strong winds blow at this place of the coast, and the trees have to adopt and grow in the wind’s direction.

Strong winds

The Hill that is a Guinness Record Holder

Taumata is a 305-meter-high hill that is on the Northern Island near the Pacific coast. This hill is not only a natural wonder of New Zealand, it is also a Guinness record holder. The name of the hill is the longest toponym in the world (85 letters in English). No wonder that the name of the hill was shortened to ‘Taumata’ for brevity sake.

The hill was named after the legendary warrior Tamatea, the national hero of New Zealand.

When Tamatea’s tribe was fighting enemies, Tamatea’s brother was killed and this event shocked Tamatea.

Every day in the morning, the warrior climbed the hill; there he tried to reduce his pain by playing the flute. This is the reason why the hill bears the name of the warrior.

Pacific coast

‘Many Islands’ Lake

Lake Manapouri is located on the territory of the Fiordland National park. In the Māori language, the name of this nature-made object sounds as ‘The Lake of a Sad Heart’. In the old days, Māori called this body of water in a different way: ‘Many Islands’ Lake (sounds as ‘Moturau’).

We can guess from this name that there are many islands on the lake. In fact, there are 34 of them.

‘Many Islands’ Lake

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