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Ecotourism in Botswana: Gcwihaba caves & Senyati safari camp

Ecotourism is a new trend in traveling and recreation that has no borders. Ecotourism presupposes travelling to places with pristine nature and to reserved areas.

Gcwihaba caves

Gcwihaba caves are one of nature wonders in Botswana. They formed here in spite of the fact that caves are very rare on African continent.

Gcwihaba cave system that is located in Botswana is also known as Drotsky’s Cave. The caves were named after the traveler and researcher Martinus Drotsky, who came from Europe and discovered the latter caves in 1934. Local tribes showed this area to him.

The halls of the caves have the total area of 2.5 K square meters. The halls are formed as a result of water leak through splits in the cliffs. The walls of caves play with fresh colors.

It is not very difficult to go through the cave maze. Your way will lie along the rocky path. This path crosses many huge and picturesque halls and passages.

But some paths lead to gaps of the underground maze or to the places, where the risk of rockfall is very high. In many caves on the globe, there are parapets that have been installed to insure security of the tourists.

But Gcwihaba caves are 100% natural, that is why visiting them contributes to ecotourism in Botswana.

The absence of light effects helps visitors to see the caves at their finest.
Many stalactites, stalagmites and helictites have been formed inside the caves.

Gcwihaba caves have the status of Botswana national symbol. Since 2010 the caves are on UNESCO waiting list. They will soon become UNESCO world heritage.

Senyati safari camp

Besides the caves, there are other places in Botswana that attract ecotourists.

One of them is Senyati safari camp. This camp is on the territory of Chobe, the oldest national park in Botswana.

This camp offers unique opportunities for watching elephants at their natural watering place. A kind of ‘transfer bin’ was created here for visitors. The bin is a kind of a big underground room with eight windows.  The tunnel connects the transfer bin with the watering place. Thanks to this, visitors can approach elephants without being noticed and take pictures of the animals without scaring them off.

Thanks to such places like Senyati safari camp and Gcwihaba caves ecotourism in Botswana boosts.

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