ecotourism in Panama

Ecotourism in Panama.

The word “Panama” originates from the time, when the country was connected with Colombia, and means “place of many fish”.

More than 29% of the land in Panama is reserved for national parks, forests, wildlife sanctuaries.

The Cordillera mountain range in Cerro Azul, rainforest areas of Volcán Barú and the Pipeline Road are known all over the world for a rich variety of bird species and Barro Colorado Nature Monument, a wildlife reserve, which is a Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution (STRI) biological research station.

The territory of Panama, despite its relatively small size, is densely covered with protected areas.ecotourism in Panama pict

ecotourism in Panama picture

Green tourism destinations

If you want to discover Panama’s ecotourism wonders be sure to visit:

Metropolitan Natural Park

It is located not far from Panama City (8 km). Here, employees of the STRI institute test the canopy technology. 200 species of birds, reptiles and mammals, an observation deck with a beautiful view of the Panama Channel and Orchid Green House ecotourism in Panama

Soberanía National Park

Soberania National Park, located 40 km north of Panama City, occupies an area of ​​220 square km and comprises one of the largest collections of different bird species (about 200).

Chagres National Park (National Park Chagres)

In 35 minutes’ drive from the capital is a large park, guarding the basin of the Panama Canal. Here you are able to enjoy stunning views of mountains, waterfalls, tropical Panama


Camino de Cruces National Park

The name of this park comes from the period when Panama was a Spanish colony. The Ferrocarril Transístmico (Trans-Isthmic Railroad), which was used by Spaniards 400 years ago, passes through the territory of the park. The park serves as a wildlife corridor between the Metropolitan National Park and Soberania National Park.

Parque Nacional Portobelo (Portobelo National Park)

2 hours’ drive from the city. This park is not only rich in incredible plants but also in artifacts. Explore the fortresses built in ancient times to protect the city from pirates, or scuba dive to find the treasure of pirates.

Barro Colorado Island

Barro Colorado is an island located on the Gatun Lake. For many years, the Smithsonian Institute has been continuously researching this area. If you want to see a real Panama’s ecotourism attractions, visit this natural laboratory.


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