money-saving tips for your travel

How to save money and spend the trip perfectly

The same journey can cost you a couple thousand dollars, and perhaps cheaper, absolutely without sacrificing your comfort. At the same time you will get the same impressions, you will see the same places, enjoy the local cuisine and spend an excellent holiday — only cheaper. We have a few tips on how to save money and spend the trip perfectly.

money-saving tips

Tips that make travel more accessible.

A route from several stations. You know where you want to fly, but tickets are unreasonably expensive? This is not an excuse to be upset, but rather an opportunity to try to build a route yourself with the help of low-costers. Often, direct flight costs more than a flight through several points. So a complex route turns into an interesting one!
Variants of flights can be very diverse, you can pave the way through several places at once, guided by the availability of tickets at the lowest price. It all depends on your imagination and what cities you want to see. Not necessarily look minimal connections, you can also stay for a couple of days in an interesting city.

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Couchsurfing. This innovation has long been practiced in many countries of Europe and America. All you need is a budget tourist — register on the site or download the app. Your ad can respond to local residents who are happy to take a tourist for the night. This is a great opportunity to meet new interesting people, learn how the local people live and immerse themselves in the culture and atmosphere of the city.
Yes, if you and your family are going to the sea for a week, this is not your variant. But if you planed a solo trip or with a friend, for example, a trip through Europe, and do not intend to stay in one place for more than 1-2 days, we advise you to pay attention to couchsurfing.

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Low season. In the high season prices for accommodation, food and excursions are the highest, and in the low season they decrease. The question is what is considered a season, and how this rule can be used in its own interests. So, in Europe the high season falls on the summer, in Asia and the tropical countries — for the rainy season. Therefore before the trip it is worth to learn more about the chosen direction.
The peak of prices also falls on holidays, but if you are not very interested in the event itself, but want to enjoy the festive atmosphere, you can come a little earlier or later.

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Food. A significant part of the travel budget usually takes food. Of course, meals in restaurants for every day will come quite expensive. Here, come markets and local shops to help budget tourists. You can cut expenses by 2 times if you yourself buy products and cook.
Moreover, in some cities a march to the local market is a real adventure. So there is an opportunity to learn exactly the local cuisine, try new exotic fruits and even to find out what national dishes locals are cooking. It is important in this case to take care of the kitchen, where you can cook. Usually, the hostels have a common kitchen where you can enjoy making something tasty.

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