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Top 7 Cheap and Safe Places to Travel

Having a limited budget is no longer the reason to postpone your journey. If you love travelling, but think that it is hardly affordable, we recommend taking a look at our list of cheap and safe places to travel. Here are 10 awesome countries that are definitely worth visiting: pack your sack and be ready for an unforgettable trip!

  1. Czech Republic

Located in the heart of Europe, Czech Republic remains to be one of the cheapest places in EU. Prague is an exceptionally beautiful city; its old-world cathedrals, narrow streets and plenty of historical places should be explored by foot. Hearty food, top-notch restaurants, as well as one and only beer, are likely to impress any tourist.



  1. Portugal

Lisbon and Alentejo are the most popular tourist destinations in Portugal. If you love Mediterranean resorts, but tired of crowded beaches in Spain, Portugal might become a real treasure for you. Cheap and fresh seafood is an additional bonus to the breathtaking scenes and pleasant atmosphere.


  1. China

China attracts millions of tourists with its unique culture and traditions. If you want to change your environment and experience something extraordinary, Shanghai is your number one choice.


  1. Georgia

First of all, Georgia is not only the US state; it is also a magnificent country in Caucasus. Georgia has recently become one of the most promising countries for traveling; it has plenty of natural and cultural attractions. Moreover, an amazing hospitality of Georgians will make you visit this country again and again.


  1. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is another cheap, but highly recommendable place to visit. Hiking in the mountains, swimming and making sunburnt on the seashore, as well as discovering historic places are the most popular kinds of entertainment in Bulgaria.


  1. Laos

Laos offers almost the same level of service, as popular Vietnam and Thailand. However, it is much cheaper! If you are a fan of outdoor activities, like kayaking, climbing or trekking, Laos is likely to become your personal paradise.


  1. Morocco

Morocco, the safest country in North Africa, attracts more and more tourists all over the world. Unique culture and incredible deserts are also definitely worth seeing!


Handy Tips on How to Get Prepared for Your Trip and Save Money

First of all, make sure to buy tickets in advance. Many airlines offer huge discounts in case you buy tickets a month before the trip or even earlier. Choose a destination of your dream and monitor the prices beforehand.

Second, book your hotel or hostel the earlier the better. It can easily save you up to 60% of the total accommodation costs.

Third, study the most popular places to visit, as well as routes of public transport before arrival. Taxi is the most expensive way to travel in almost all the countries worldwide.

And the last thing, forget all your worries and enjoy cheap and safe places to travel!

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