Revealed: The world’s top 5 most expensive (and cheapest) cities for 2018

The Worldwide Cost of Living survey has recently released a rank of the most expensive and the cheapest cities worldwide. The main subjects of analysis were price points on the 160 most common consumer products, including a loaf of bread, a cigarette pack and a bottle of wine. Furthermore, a survey took into account the house prices, living wages and the average cost of petrol. The winners revealed: The world’s most expensive (and cheapest) cities for 2018. Find the detailed information below!

The most expensive cities in the world:

  1. Singapore.According to the annual study of prices, Singapore has been considered the most expensive city worldwide for five years already. However, the living standards in Singapore are also very high.Singapore
  2. Paris.The French capital can also boast extremely high costs for accommodation, as well as for most common consumer goods. Since French wine remains to have an exceptionally high quality, its high price can easily make your pocket empty.Paris
  3. Zurich. Being one of the most livable places on Earth, this Swiss city cannot boast reasonable prices. However, it attracts millions of tourists each year, despite it is not the best option for travelers with limited budgets.Zurich
  4. Hong Kong, an Asian leader in prices is the number four in the list of the most expensive places to live. Its outstanding business environment attracts thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world.Hong Kong
  5. Oslo.Oslo, the capital of Norway, is also a place for those with generous budgets. Highest living prices and costs for petrol make city unaffordable for many travelers.Oslo

    The cheapest cities worldwide

    Despite its low costs for accommodation and goods, Damascus, the Syrian capital remains to be one of the most dangerous places for living and traveling. However, the other cheapest cities from the list can boast higher levels of security. Thus, among the least expensive cities worldwide are Caracas, Almaty, Lagos and Bangalore.

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