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AirAsia (

AirAsia is a low-cost airline of Malaysia and the largest budget airline in Asia. It makes local and international flights to 400 destinations in 25 countries of the world. Travelers in Southeast Asia actively fly around the region at a cost equal, at times, to an average bill in an inexpensive restaurant. The company has a slogan that speaks for itself, ‘Now Everyone Can Fly’. AirAsia conducts regularly discounts, promotions and sales. So, it makes sense to subscribe to the company’s mailing list. The airline also offers its passengers an opportunity to buy airline tickets for flights anywhere in the world via its website.


Baggage can be carried up to 30 kg, but a cost is formed depending on the mass. Sometimes it can exceed the cost of the ticket. Hand luggage is carried free of charge up to 7 kg with dimensions 56x36x23, plus a laptop bag or a small bag with personal belongings. However, some passengers claim that it is possible to take larger baggage, as there is no close monitoring in the terminals. Anyway, it is much more profitable to pay for your baggage through the Internet, since at the airport this service will cost more. In any case, there should be no lighters, food and piercing-cutting objects in hand luggage.


The price of excess baggage when you pay at the airport. Payment for excess baggage at the airport is charged for each kilogram of excess. The cost depends on the direction of the flight, it can be found at the check-in counter at the airport or by calling the hotline. The maximum weight of luggage per passenger is 40 kg, the weight of one seat must not exceed 32 kg.

Meals on board. Free meals on board are included in the cost of tickets for the Value Pack, Premium Flex and Premium Flatbed. Passengers traveling at the Low Fare rate can purchase snacks, sandwiches, salads and drinks directly during the flight. Food on AirAsia board is inexpensive. For instance, coffee – $2, meat with garnish – for $4. Most dishes are available on pre-order during the purchase of tickets. What is more, it will be 20% cheaper. There are also several options for a special menu: dietary menu and children’s menu. Religious requirements are also taken into account.


Conditions for regular customers. It is called ‘Big Shot’ promotion program. Any passenger who uses the services of AirAsia can become its participant. The customer is awarded bonus points to a special bonus account for each flight. Having collected the necessary amount of these points, the passenger can exchange them for a free ticket. In addition, AirAsia has issued special credit cards, with which you can also earn premium points.

What you need to know: advantages and disadvantages.

  • You cannot give an AirAsia ticket away.
  • AirAsia has a loyalty program that allows you to accumulate miles.
  • Changes in the date and time of departure for the lowest fares are paid.
  • When registering for a flight through the Internet, the passenger receives a boarding pass and saves time on the check-in;
  • You do not need to have a printed ticket at the front desk, but it is often needed to enter the airport.
  • The airline has the right to change the departure time, so it is necessary to take into account the possible delay.
  • If the passenger flies to the country with visa regime, and it is for him a transit point, he is obliged to provide the airline with documents permitting stay in the country.
  • Short-distance flights are made without additional landings.
  • Another interesting feature of the company is its network of budget hotels in some countries of the world.


RyanAir (

RyanAir is one of the largest budget airlines in Europe. The home port is Dublin International Airport. The largest hub is London Stansted Airport. The Ryanair airline was founded in 1985 by a large Irish businessman Tony Ryan. From a small company, Ryanair has become the largest low-cost airline operator, carrying more than 1,400 flights daily. The main activity of the company is based on regular passenger transportation within Europe. It should be noted that the Ryanair is one of the 30 most secure companies in the world. During all the time of its existence, there was no accident that caused human casualties.


Route network and rates. The Ryanair route network consists of 178 destinations in 28 European countries and Morocco. It is possible to keep reasonable prices for passengers of Ryanair thanks to the set of actions:

– The operator uses regional, unloaded airports, which lead to smaller charges.

– Use of one type of aircraft, only with an economy-class arrangement, reduces the costs of training personnel.

– Passengers are given a limited set of services, less permissible baggage weight, etc.

– The company is oriented on simple direct flights.

photo ryanair

Available fares. Now Ryanair offers the following types of fares:

  • Standard includes only flight and hand luggage.
  • Plus allows you to choose a place (except for places in the first and emergency rows), take 20 kg of luggage. It also includes a priority landing.
  • Family Plus allows you to take 2 x 20kg checked-in baggage. You will also have free seats for children and reduced infant fee. You can take 2 pieces of infant equipment for free.
  • Flexi Plus. In addition to the possibility of fare Plus, Flexi Plus allows you to register at the airport, change the time/date of departure and choose places including the first and emergency rows without additional payment.

Check-in. If the passenger does not want to pay for choosing a seat, he can register for the flight for free 4 days before departure on the website. In this case, the system will assign a place automatically. Most likely, it will be the middle seat, which is considered the most uncomfortable in the Boeing 737. If you choose a place in advance, then you can check in for the flight 60 days before departure.

Available fares

Food. The menu is rather modest: only three types of hot food, three kinds of sandwiches, water, hot and carbonated drinks, and snacks. Water is not provided for free at all. A bottle of water 0.5 liters, tea or coffee will cost €3, a sandwich – €4.5 – 5.5, hot food – €6. Advance ordering is not available.

Changing name and flight. In case the passenger, buying tickets through the Ryanair website, has made mistakes in the name, route or date of flight, he can fix them for free within 24 hours after the booking. To do this, contact the Ryanair call center. At the expiration of this period, the passenger will have to pay a fee for changing a name at a rate of €110 or a fee for changing a date/flight route, which ranges from €30 to €60 depending on the direction and season.

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