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The cheapest ways to travel or tips on how to make your traveling less expensive

1. Travel by yourself

The most important rule for those who want to find the cheapest ways to travel: do not fear to travel independently. It is simple, it is interesting, and it is cheap. Some people do not even imagine that one can go abroad without involving agencies and other organizations; they believe that only in this way you can guarantee yourself security. And in the end, they get either a boring rest, mostly in a reclining position on a crowded beach, or spend unimaginable sums on a more or less non-standard rest.

2. Find the cheapest tickets

cheapest tickets

The ability to find and book flights at the lowest price is the most necessary skill for budget traveler. The main rule that has to be always remembered – the earlier the purchase is made, the more chances to find an attractive option for the price.

3. Properly look for and book accommodation

book accommodation

To make a trip cheap, you need to find inexpensive accommodation. Use the Airbnb or services. Very often you can see quite reasonable options there. Try to find an apartment or a house for your trip beforehand. It is much more comfortable and usually cheaper (especially if you travel with family or friends). There is a vast selection of unique housing (beautiful apartments, villas and even private boats and castles), staying at which will make your trip much more enjoyable and memorable.

4. Travel with less luggage

Travel with less luggage

Take only what is necessary; do not burden yourself with excess baggage. As a result, there are lots of advantages: there is no need to wait long for the delivery of luggage; there is no threat to lose it; you do not have to pay more for excess, and move it around the airport. Traveling will be much more comfortable and pleasant if you do not have to carry huge bags.

5. Find out about the transfer from the airport in advance

the transfer from the airport in advance

Taxi is always the most expensive way to travel. It is much more profitable to use public transport: bus, subway, train. Read about all the possible options to get from the airport to the city even before departure, so you will save a lot of money.

However, sometimes it is more convenient and cheaper to use an individual transfer, for example, when you travel with a large company and order a multi-seat car. Even better is to take a car at the airport right away.

6. Save on calls

Use Skype or Viber to communicate with friends and family. It is not difficult to find free Wi-Fi zone in nearby café. By the way, you can call using Skype on any mobile phone numbers; these calls are paid, but not expensive. Mind to put some money into your Skype account beforehand.

7. Eat at local cafés

How to eat cheap and, at the same time, delicious while traveling? Very easy! Restaurants focused on tourists always have high prices. On the contrary, in places, where local citizens prefer to eat, you will find real national cuisine and the most delicious dishes a lot cheaper. If in a restaurant or cafe you see many local visitors, it means that the food there are quite decent and affordable.

Follow these tips on the cheapest ways to travel, and you will be able to save money and visit more wonderful places.

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