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Las Vegas for budget tourists

Las Vegas is a luxurious place where everything is saturated with wealth. This is the world capital of gaming and entertainment. “Sin City” attracts tourists with thousands of bright lights, full of freedom, chic and gambling. Expensive entertainment and chic hotels here at every turn. But this does not mean at all that a budget tourist will not find entertainment here for the money. In Las Vegas you can find restaurants, hotels and interesting places is not expensive. Learn how to travel to Las Vegas on a budget without spending thousands of dollars.

What you need to know for a cheap trip to Las Vegas

When is the best time to travel to Las Vegas? Of course, the cheapest thing will be a trip to the city of entertainments in the low season. The start of the high season in is in February, when the air starts to warm up to + 13.8 C. The peak of the season is in April, at this time the maximum number of tourists from all over the world comes here, and the good weather and the sun pleases the tourists. At the end of the high tourist season in Las Vegas, which ends in May, the air temperature is + 27.8 C and there are less quantity of tourists. It is at this time that it is best to come, the prices for hotels and most tourist places are reduced, and you can find quite budgetary options.

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First of all, choose a cheap accommodation

The most cost-free option is to stop by Couchsurfing. The benefits are double: look at how Americans live, and do not spend a cent on housing, except for souvenirs for the owner of the apartment. After all, the main idea of the project is unselfish help and cultural exchange.

In addition to expensive hotels, there are good cheap hotels in Las Vegas. For example, the three-star El Cortez Hotel & Casino offers spacious rooms with TV and amenities in every room from $30. But for a double room in a luxury hotel Bellagio with a view of the famous singing fountains will have to pay $300.

The rooms of the Super 8 Las Vegas Strip Area hotel have cable TV. Coffee sets and ironing kits are available. There are 3 restaurants on site. In the lobby guests will be offered coffee free of charge at any time of the day. The hotel provides a 24-hour reception service. There is also a business center, an open-air pool, self-service laundry. You can book room here from $34.

Remember! Accommodation in almost all hotels is made after 15:00, eviction to 11: 00-12: 00. Late departure can be counted for an extra day, and this is definitely not necessary for a budget tourist. In small hotels breakfast is not included in the price, but there is always a café or fast food restaurant nearby.

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Where to eat tasty and budget

It’s safe to say that the city has all the world’s cuisine — from Thai to French, from Italian to Japanese. But not only in expensive restaurants you can eat deliciously. The best places to eat in Las Vegas and save money are the buffets and cafes.

Inexpensive cafes and fast food restaurants are also generously represented in Las Vegas. Mexican grill, Subway sandwiches, the ubiquitous fast-food champion McDonald’s, the Chinese restaurant Dragon Noodle, Denny’s — one of the oldest American cuisine chains, Starbucks Cafe, New York pizzeria — all this can easily be found by strolling along the Strip. Hungry in Las Vegas, no one will remain! In most American cafes and network restaurants, fast food prices are moderate. You can easily meet $ 15 per person.

Famous buffets of Las Vegas are open at every hotel and every guest can come there for dinner. Meals are provided by the buffet. One should only remember that it is better to avoid the evening peak hours — from 18:00 to 20:00, when especially tasty food can suddenly end. The entrance to the buffet at the hotel usually costs about $ 18. A full-day subscription, which gives you the right to come during the day at any time, costs $ 30-35.

Meals provided by the buffet

Where to go in Vegas, if you are a budget tourist

Of course there are free things to do in Las Vegas. Take the bus and drive along the central street to the end. As soon as the bus turns – leave and return to the main street. It is stunning, and there are interesting places that you can visit for free!

Fans of rock and roll can visit Hard Rock Hotel, where you will have a huge amount of memorabilia according to the themes of this music and casino. You can roam the corridors for several hours, studying the exhibits, including Madonna’s panties, motorcycles of the soloists Guns N’Roses, a bunch of guitars with autographs and memorabilia about the Beatles. The entrance is free.

Dancing fountains in front of the hotel Bellagio attract thousands of tourists every day. Jets of water take off in the air at 73 m. To enjoy the spectacle for real, it is better to come in the evening when turning on the lights. Do not miss such a spectacle!

Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

Immediately after the show of fountains, I advise you to look into the stunning beauty of a garden of tens of thousands of natural flowers that is in the same hotel. The theme of the garden is updated 5 times a year in accordance with the season – Chinese New Year, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The hotel Circus Circus — is nothing unusual, however, on its territory there are not only apartments and casinos, but also a real circus. Here, the largest free performances are arranged. The performance lasts about 10 minutes and starts every half hour from 11 am to 12 noon. You will see perform of gymnasts, clowns, jugglers and others.

The hotel Circus Circusin Las Vegas

If you are in Las Vegas with your second half, then go for a short 15 minute performance of the theater “the Sirens of TI”. During the performance, you will witness an exciting fight of beautiful girls with pirates, the last in the end will be defeated. This is the most sexy and incredibly beautiful performance in all of Las Vegas.

From budgetary things it is worth to see the nature of Nevada. In Nevada, there are many incredible natural attractions – the amazing Valley of Fire or the Red Rock Canyon. Very close to Vegas is the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Not to mention that the Grand Canyon and the Valley of Death can be visited throughout the day.

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And still, it’s main thing to do in Las Vegas — visit several casinos to get a gambling atmosphere and spend a few dollars testing the fate of gambling machines. And remember: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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