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Cheapest Asian countries to visit.

For every European, Asia is an odd and mysterious continent. They come here for impressions, for new knowledge, for answers to unsolvable riddles. The most important attractive aspects of travelling to Asia are prices for food and accommodation. They are extraordinarily low, which inspire tourists with limited budgets. Let’s take a look at the cheapest Asian countries to visit.

Turkey: a country where “all inclusive”

Tourists like resorts in Turkey for the low cost of living, inexpensive food, and fun entertainment. The abundance of ancient ruins, the secular nature of the state, sandy beaches and the possibility to rest at “all-inclusive” hotels and resorts are the main baits for tourists.


Uzbekistan: the heart of the Great Silk Road

Uzbekistan is the country, that today is, perhaps, the most developed and enjoyable region for tourists in Central Asia. If the capital – Tashkent – is not very interesting for travelers, then Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand are able to satisfy the taste of the most experienced traveler, not to mention less sophisticated tourists. The climate here is hot, especially in summer. Therefore, it is better to choose spring or autumn for a trip, when the temperature does not break records and you are able to not only get a good tan but also enjoy mosques, medieval quarters and abundant bazaars. It appears that Uzbekistan is the cheapest Asian country to visit.


India: the homeland of the Buddha

India is one of the most exotic and rich in cultural heritage country in the world. Both big cities and small towns are of great interest to tourists. People often come here just to learn customs and way of life of locals, who neglect loaves and fishes. Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries, the sacred Ganges River and national parks inhabited by rhinoceroses and tigers… India will satisfy antiquity fans and admirers of natural beauties.elephant


Vietnam: a small country with great tourism opportunities

Budget travelers do not often consider Vietnam an option for recreation. Completely in vain! Rest in this picturesque and hospitable country is cheaper than in vaunted Thailand. Hạ Long Bay, Hội An, Mũi Né, Nha Trang are the names of the most attractive resort places in Vietnam, especially for a budget tourism.

Behind them, hide unusually beautiful places, cozy restaurants, comfortable hotels, unique festivals, green parks and Buddhist pagodas.Vietnam

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